Doom at your Service Recap: Episode 16 (FINAL)

For better or worse, Doom at Your Service concluded, and I have some last thoughts on the final episode and the show as a whole. Come join me as we say farewell to Doom, Dong Kyung, and everyone else in this drama.

Doom (Kim Sa Ram….but I will continue to call him Doom for the rest of the recap) is back and looking a lot more human than he used to. Doom’s eyeliner is softer as well as his hair which seems to be less shiny than before. All signs that he is no longer a god but just your average Joe, holding the hands of his girlfriend on a bus.

It has been around 3 months since he disappeared, and things start right back up as if he had never been gone. Dong Kyung gets over her shock quickly and only is a tiny bit paranoid about Doom disappearing again. They sleep together in her bed and marvel over Doom being able to actually enjoy eating cereal since that is all Dong Kyung had in the cupboards.

Bring your boyfriend to work

Dong Kyung is not ready to let Doom out of her sight, which results in her bringing him to work with her. Joo Ik looks on, confused, as Doom messes around with the coffee area. Dong Kyung informs her boss that he will be joining her in convincing Baby Writer to sign the contract.

The couple (mostly Dong Kyung) worry about what they will say about Doom’s appearance. Remember, before; he looked different to everyone he met. But Child God took care of that problem, and everyone just sees Doom as how he looks and automatically identifies him as Dong Kyung’s boyfriend. With that problem out of the way, we get to enjoy an antagonistic reunion between Doom and Baby Writer. These two are hilarious, and I think their relationship might be my second favorite thing about this drama.

The other romance

I don’t know if there is much to say about this other than Writer Bestie and Joo Ik FINALLY get together. I can’t be the only one that felt like this story arc went nowhere and circled around and around till I didn’t care about them at all. At least we got a pretty good kiss in the end.

Poof! You are a doctor

Not only did Child God give Doom his one true visage, but she also provided him with a career, and he kept his house and car. He is now Doctor Kim Sa Ram. I can get behind this as a profession for our former Doom God since he now wants to save people. Although, I roll my eyes that he somehow just has the skill set he needs. I am pretty sure magically torturing bad guys doesn’t give you the ability to stitch someone up without magic…but who am I to complain? At least he isn’t totally dependent on Dong Kyung to start his existence as a human. And I will never be sad to see Seo In Guk in a doctor’s coat. He looks hot, hot, hot!

Family time

We get another scene in which Doom is learning how to be part of a family as they decide to make an insane amount of kimchi. Writer Bestie and Joo Ik are also gathered for the project, and everyone bonds during the process. We also get some great connecting between Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk. Something I have been waiting for all sixteen episodes. It is sad that these two have such great chemistry that wasn’t utilized in the drama.

We are family

We leave this drama looking positive at the future for our OTP, family, and extended friends and coworkers. Everyone is happy, satisfied with their lives, and looking forward. And while Dong Kyung STILL has not accepted Doom’s marriage proposal, we know that it will eventually happen. It is only a matter of time.

Full Drama Thoughts

Now for the hard part. Discussing my feelings about this drama as a whole. While I could probably write a dissertation about where this show went wrong, I will try and keep it to a few key points.

First, the whole drama could be broken down into a simple synopsis. Where was the drama, the plot arcs, the character development? Sure, you could say that Doom changed over the course of the show. But really, that happened in the first four episodes, and then we were left with at least ten episodes where no character development happened AT ALL. Doom fell in love, Dong Kyung tried to figure a way out of losing someone she loved, Child God had a pot of dirt, and the bestie trio moped and eventually got over the past. That is all that happened in ten whole episodes! I should not be able to describe a show in a matter of a few sentences.

I’m not sure if it was because of the director’s decision or whether the writer created the characters this way… but couldn’t we have gotten a bit more expression from our cast? Except for Park Bo Young’s wide-eyed shock, we rarely got anything but stiff expressions from everyone. The cast is obviously talented and did what they could. But with the exception of episodes 1-4, 14, and 16, it was obvious that they were told to look stoic. It was a tragic misuse of great actors.

Seo In Guk does AMAZING skinship and his on-screen kisses are top-notch. But after those first few kisses, there was a very LONG drought of good smooches. While I enjoyed the importance of holding hands and back hugs, sometimes I just wanted a steamy kiss to sneak in.

I could go on but I will save some of it for the Doom At Your Service podcast episode. Be sure to be on the lookout for all the Fangirl’s final thoughts about Doom At Your Service coming in a few weeks. So to conclude, I will give this drama a 5/10 and hope that all the cast members choose better shows in the future.

Til our next (hopefully) better drama,


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3 thoughts on “Doom at your Service Recap: Episode 16 (FINAL)

  1. To me, DAYS was like an extended music video with gorgeous cinematography, lots of mood-setting (special hat tip to the OST singers), and great leads. But then someone decided to package it as a whole 16-episode Kdrama and forgot to write some plot after the beginning. And against hope, I keep thinking: maybe this’ll go somewhere? But then it ended, and you’re like: oh, is that it?

  2. If it wasn’t for Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young I would have dropped DAYS after the first two episodes. I kept hoping for the show to improve but it didn’t go anywhere. The actors all tried their best and did what they could with the very little storyline they were given. This show was a huge let down, I so wanted to love it since two of my favourite actors were the leads. Disappointing. Sigh.

  3. i’ve stopped watching after episode 4.. i love LOVE seo in guk, and was looking forward months before this drama premiere.. but after ep 2, i know its going downhill.. please, hopefully he sign up for a better plot drama super soon..

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