Upcoming Drama “Signal” Releases 1st BTS Look & Script Reading Teaser

1998ep6pic32.pngIt looks like these BTS (Behind the Scenes) videos for upcoming TvN dramas are going to be a constant thing.  This is the 2nd one I have seen this month (the first being “Cheese In The Trap”).   This time, it is for the upcoming suspense thriller “Signal”.1998ep6pic36Kim Eun Hee continues to be one of my favorite script writers (Sign & Ghost) so I am especially excited for this new drama.  The premise is very similar to the US movie “Frequency” in which the police from the past and the present communicate by a mystical walkie talkie to solve a serial murder case.  The story will be based on the murders previously discussed in the drama “Gap Dong” & movie “Memory of a Murder”.



“Signal” stars leading man Lee Je Hoon (Secret Door), Jo Jin Woong (Beyond the Clouds) & Kim Hye Soo (The Queen of Office) and will air in January following “Answer Me 1988”.



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