One More Happy Ending Episode 14- Cutie Couples and Stupid Exes


Awww, so much adorable boyfriend Soo Hyuk this episode!  Sure we have one stupid plot twist coming up, but at least, we managed to equal it out with a ton of cute OTP + Min Woo moments.  It almost makes up for the last three episodes……. almost.

This is going to be a super fast recap since I have big plans to get a local friend hooked on kdrama later tonight.  Face masks have been bought, snacks are all prepared, and Lee Min Ho (City Hunter) will be on my TV in all his tight red skinny jean glory.  Wish me luck!  But before that, let’s pop out this episode’s top 5 shall we?



#5 No Love Lost Between Exes


We did not end up having the huge reveal at the beginning of the episode as expected.  Which is probably a good thing so I don’t have to watch an hour of drama totally pissed off.  Instead of seeing the ex and his new girlfriend (Soo Hyuk’s sister) with Soo Hyuk, they pass in the hallway.  When ex-husband stops to acknowledge Mi Mo they both dither and Mi Mo ends up snarkily saying she is a friend of his from college.   I don’t understand why it is such a hard thing to just say “This is my ex-wife”.  The whole “we are old friends” thing is just stupid.  And the fact that we don’t have the huge meet up in the restaurant means we have to go longer with the siblings marrying exes secret hanging over our heads.


#4 Dont Drink and Buy

s2Mi Mo leaves the bad taste her ex leaves behind as she finds that Soo Hyuk has created a romantic dinner just for them.  Soo Hyuk is officially the most adorable boyfriend ever.  The wine was flowing and the romance was abounding which resulted in our OTP getting tipsy and going shopping.  Mi Mo indicates that she wants a designer handbag and Soo Hyuk ends up buying half the store as a grand gesture.


I couldn’t stop laughing when Soo Hyuk wakes up under a huge pile of expensive purses.  Then the embarrassment of having to return all the merchandise to the store was hilarious.  Talk about a walk of shame.  It was a cute moment that reminded me of why I fell in love with the show in the first place.



#3 Falling In Love Again

I am loving how cute Da Jeong & Geon Hak are while in therapy.  They just made me smile. The moment when Geon Hak started telling his wife that he loved her every day just made me completely swoon.  I am totally cheering for them to make it.



#2.5 A Collection of Cute OTP Moments

I really enjoyed how cute our main couple were as they go through their honeymoon dating phase.  I don’t want to go in extreme detail, but I figured a bunch of cute couple screencaps also work.  Enjoy!


#2 Suddenly a Mother

They actually did a good job of describing the hardships of Min Woo accepting a new woman into the family equation.  While I do think that the problems of Min Woo felt a bit sudden narratively, the writer did wrap up the plot line well.


Mi Mo realized that she had to go the extra mile to make things right with Min Woo and Min Woo was able to come to grips that he had a new “mother”.  I especially enjoyed the scene at the funeral home and Mi Mo and Min Woo coming to terms with their new relationship.


#1 The Stupid Plot Twist is Revealed.

Sadly, we were not able to avoid this moment.  Especially since I don’t really like the harsh person Mi Mo becomes when she is around her ex.


It is Min Woo’s birthday and the siblings are bringing their significant others along to celebrate.  Sure enough, Mi Mo and her Ex are in mid-fight as they find out that they are dating in the same family.


The only consolation is that this plot line will be short lived since we only have two episodes left.  If I had to go through weeks of OTP separation because of this drivel, I would go insane.

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