One More Happy Ending Episode 13 – How you have failed me, let me count the ways.

s21I think I am going to have to call it on this drama.  I have been making excuses for mediocre writing for a few weeks now, but the ending scene was just the final blow that killed my interest.  I will continue watching and hoping that it is bearable, but with only one week to go, I doubt it will be able to come back from the metaphorical grave that is my interest.

But before we get to one of the stupidest plot twists ever, let’s discuss a few of the other aspects of episode 13.

#5 Embrace the Inner Cougar

I have not really discussed Dong Mi’s romantic escapades much in my recaps.  It is not that I have disliked them (except for the cupid dreams……those are just dumb) but they have not really grabbed me either.  Dong Mi’s personality is actually pretty likable, in my opinion, and I could totally see her having a long term happy marriage.  If only, her choices in men were not so unique.


Her current boy, and I do mean boy, seems perfectly nice.  I even think that that kind of age gap relationship can work (My husbands BFF actually married someone 9 years older and they are blissfully happy).  But when it comes in the form of Dong Mi, I am just not buying it.  She doesn’t seem to be able to handle relationships maturely in the first place and so far her latest jump into cougardom does not feel long lasting.  I think that the writer needs to convince me that both she and the hottie are at a place where they could overcome the obstacles and so far I don’t see it.


But if nothing else, at least, we got this awesome reaction shot when Dong Me and Hottie reunite their love affair at her school.  I wish her and hottie the best for as long as it lasts.  And who knows? Maybe desperation and the love of  youth is all they need to make it work.

Tired smooching

We finally get our OTP (one true pairing) smooching and being all cute.  All while looking like they both had been on a week-long bender studying for finals.  Could the stylist possibly make the bags under their eyes any bigger?  It is hard to feel the romance when I am worried one, or both, are about to fall asleep.


I will say that I enjoy how sweetly Soo Hyuk gazes (tiredly) at Mi Mo.  Also, the cute little awkwardness at their front door was very cute.  I love a well-done forehead kiss and this one was adorable.


While we are on the subject of characters looking tired.  Am I the only one that is wondering why Min Woo is so somber?  I understand that he is concerned for his dad, but it seemed as if all the vibrancy had been taken from his character.  Makes me sad since I loved his spunk.  I am willing to call out the director and writer on moving this character in an awkward direction.  Something about it is just off pace.  Sad since Min Woo was one of my favorite characters.



Sticky Notes Revenge

Aw, a cute moment that made me smile!  You don’t know how happy this made me since these type of scenes were few and far between.

Realizing that Mi Mo must have put sticky notes on his door (Soo Hyuk found one she had missed collecting) Soo Hyuk decides to be adorable and give tit for tat.  He covers her doorway with cute couple notes telling her to have a good day.  Dream of him.  And to meet him for coffee.  A Very cute moment that just showcases how awesome Soo Hyuk is.



The person who loves more wins

I like Soo Hyuk’s philosophy about love.  A philosophy that he puts into practice as he becomes the ideal loving boyfriend for Mi Mo.  It really is adorable.


Mi Mo also looks like she is eating up all the attention from Soo Hyuk.  Sadly, she is a bit reserved with the relationship and wants to take things slow.  Which is totally fine.  But I am getting whiplash from how the first half of the drama had Mi Mo acting and then the reality of her dating Soo Hyuk.


It is a positive thing that she is taking love seriously and not just roaming about on an infatuation.  But there has to be some type of middle ground right?  We first got the Mi Mo who was overly bubbly and quick to declare her feelings.  Mi Mo, in turn, learned that there are problems with just jumping into things without laying the groundwork first.  But now we have somber Mi Mo who seems to have lost the vibrancy of her personality once she starts dating Soo Hyuk.  Isn’t there a middle ground that would work out for everyone?


The same could be said for Soo Hyuk once he decided to “grow up”.  I just am not a fan of the writer’s idea that mature equals somber and boring.  I’m just saying that we could use a good round of Soju shots right now to perk things up.


There are two things that annoyed me this episode.  One of them really  ticked me off, but I will start with the minor annoyance and save my ranting for the end.


First, is the appearance of Soo Hyuk’s wannabe girlfriend.  Remember the one that showed up at his family dinner that the parents wanted Soo Hyuk to marry?  I was expecting this so it is not too surprising that she suddenly showed up……… living in the same apartment building ……… and acting like she owns Soo Hyuk and Min Woo.  That was totally expected and sure enough, she tried to weasel her way into their lives all episode.  She cooks food for Min Woo and trying to claim previous rights to Soo Hyuk.

Thankfully Soo Hyuk was having none of that and showed in every way possible who his choice was.  That was all pretty cute and the girls stare down and eventual smirking of Mi Mo for winning were pretty amusing.  But then it got really awkward and odd as the girls competed in making a meal for the two boys.  I realize that the writer was trying to bring back the quirky whimsy of earlier scenes, but this one just did not work at all for me.  But at least, it got our OTP in bed together, albeit in a totally platonic way, which is always good.



So we have passed through the trial of the wannabe girlfriend with our OTP intact.  Maybe the last few episodes won’t be too bad after all.  Right?  WRONG.  Instead of sticking with another week of wannabe interference the writer, for some ungodly reason, decided that the show needed more makjang.


Enter in Soo Hyuk’s beloved sister who is introducing her fiancee.  A fiancee that should look very familiar considering that he is Mi Mo’s ex-husband.  Wow.  Did not see that one coming at all.  And just in case you are wondering, I think this is a disaster of a plot move.  It is unnecessary and just plain odd as a plot twist.  Is it too late to bring Not Hot Doc back into the picture?


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  1. Wow I do need to catch up, I’m on ep 4. But right now you just kind of warned me off. Noona romance for Dong Mi seems like not a good idea, she’s so out of it herself. A younger hot boy and her insecurities? Bad things will happen.
    Not Hot Doc is a lost cause – I don’t want him getting the girl at all.

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