Suspenseful 1st Trailer for Upcoming Cdrama When A Snail Falls in Love


I am so excited for this drama I can barely contain my squeals of fangirl overload.  Not only am a big fan of Wang Kai (my favorite Chinese actor and all around Cbias) but I adore this book and can’t wait to see it come to life.13254505_1730480853902740_1699548745495917120_n


Detective Ji Bai (Wang Kai) and new criminal profiler Xu Xu (Wang Olivia) may seem like an awkward teacher-student pair at first glance, yet they are actually the best partners in the police force, solving one crime after another. Ji Bai slowly falls in love with Xu Xu, yet she is a girl who is as slow as a snail when it comes to love. Just as Xu Xu starts to reciprocate Ji Bai’s feelings, the dormant “Angel’s Killer” reappears.


I am also impressed with how much money they have put towards this drama (at least judging from the trailer).  If I didn’t know better I would suspect this is a high budget action thriller and not a made for TV drama.  The author, Ding Mo, is also well known for writing the book Love Me If You Dare which was adapted into a drama in 2015.  Thankfully he has a knack for writing tight suspense mixed with sweet romance. Something that is rare in the suspense murder genre.


When a Snail Falls in Love will air in early 2017.


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