Squad 38 Episode 12: Bromance Relationship Status…Its Complicated

a12.pngWe get some extremely high bromantic moments this episode followed by a betrayal that might destroy Seung Il and Jung Do’s relationship for good.  That is unless this is yet another long term con….. please let it all be a con or I don’t know how my heart will go on.

There was a ton of other stuff going on as well, but I am in a mood to just chat about our OTB (one true bromance) so that is what we are going to do today.  If you have any questions on my thoughts of other events, feel free to ask in the comments and I will respond.


We Fight and Make Up

Thanks to Bestie Cop, Seung Il finds out where Jung Do is hiding (I find it adorable that everyone else wants to the two to get past their issues and become friends again as well.) and drives him for a meetup.  Seung Il has obviously not gotten past his anger since he punches Jung Do multiple times until the younger man retaliates by throwing sand in Seung Il’s face.  What follows is a fight reminiscent of a bunch of kids… not grown men.  There were slaps, flying sand, headlocks and nipple biting.  I have to admit that this scene is one of my favorite of the drama to date.  So adorkable.

They cause such an uproar that the police are called and the two men are carted off to the station to cool down.  There they fight some more (Jung Do screaming that he can’t hear anything because Seung Il hit his ear is absolutely priceless.), bond over dinner, and by the time they settle down for bed they are sharing a blanket.  Aww, they are even closer than before now that all the secrets are out in the open.


A New Con

Seung Il and Jung Do decide that they are going to run one last con.  Seung Il is inspired to save his tax department that is about to be shut down.  While Jung Do wants to get his last person on his revenge checklist.  That means going after President Choi for one last huge con.  Amazing how there is always one more con on the horizon.a16.png

But this time, the fates are not in their favor.  Instead of conning President Choi, it is our OTB that is conned and Jung Do ends up arrested.



After their arrest, Seung Il is offered a deal from his friend The Mayor.  If Seung Il will testify against Jung Do his job will be safe.  Seung Il also clarified that the  tax department also needed to be saved.  Seung Il doesn’t accept the offer right away and rushes to the police station where Jung Do attacks him.  He screams that Seung Il betrayed him and that he will never forgive him.a1.png

Seung Il eventually accepts the offer and surprisingly does testify against Jung Do.  Jung Do is sentenced to 10 years in prison.  My heart is literally breaking.  Betrayal and despair are evident in Jung Do’s eyes as he glares at Seung Il. It looks like our bromance is officially dead.


My Thoughts:

I kept expecting some new twist to occur all the way to the last minute.  I can’t believe that Seung Il actually testified and I have to imagine that this is all part of a longer con.  It just doesn’t make sense that Seung Il would back down and stay silent against this injustice.  Especially after all the two men went through to get to this point.


But if there is one thing this drama is great at, it would be throwing in unexpected plot twists.  I guess I will have to just sit back and see how everything works out in episode 13.  At least Seo In Guk looks amazing in prison garb since it looks like we will be seeing him wearing it for the next while.


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  1. kinda lost count at the twist tht was given to us. it keeps on happening, these days i will have mind blown n sort of headaches after done watching new episodes, like i need 2 3 hours to move on from watever the writer did.

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