Squad 38 Episode 13: Live to Con Another Day!

a12.pngIt’s an episode of time jumps and long term planning for the Con Team as we all patiently wait for Jung Do to be released from prison a 2nd time.  I know that I for one, am excited to see some very bad men get a kick from the karma train.  Join me as I chat the events of episode 13.

Secret bromance affair

WOOT! I knew they couldn’t have had their relationship destroyed so easily.  I was very glad that we found out that the conning duo had shifted gears and planned for the long hall.   And thankfully it was shown at the beginning so I didn’t have to worry for long.


Realizing that their con was no longer viable, Jung Do fakes being upset and whispered for Seung Il to continue investigating President Choi while he goes to jail.  Seung Il follows the younger man’s suggestion and spends the next two years acting as a sniveling lackey.  All the time looking into President Choi’s crooked financial empire.

Seung Hee surprises me

Am I the only one that feels that Seung Hee’s relationship with The Mayor came out of left field?  I know they implied that she might be his child in the last episode, but then we have it as a known fact and discussed as if it was common knowledge.


Oh well.  I guess if nothing else this makes Seung Hee a tad bit more interesting.  Although, I can’t help but notice that her acting is as stilted and boring as usual.  This really was a misuse of Soo Young’s acting talent.

Acting as a go-between for Jung Do and Seung Il, Seung Hee shares all the information that Seung Il has gathered over the past few years.  Seung Hee also talks to Min Joo about getting the conning team back together again for another job.



Reunited and it feels so good!

At first, none of the team really wanted to get together for more cons.  Remember that Jung Do had pretty much screwed them all out of a tidy sum of money when he threw it off the rooftops.  But after the sweet restaurant grandpa gets bullied by President Choi’s thugs, their ire is refreshed.a12.png

We also were able to have an awesome call to arms speech from Jung Do (via group call) where he eloquently said that they have to take down the evil people.  Because while they are con-artists, they don’t hurt the truly downtrodden like President Choi and The Mayor.

Paroled after only two years of his ten-year sentence, Jung Do is met by all his team (minus Seung Il who is still pretending to be anti-Jung Do) and they gather to discuss their take-down of President Choi.

Later, Seung Il and Jung Do meet in secret to share a bottle of Soju and chat game plans.  Jung Do gives the elder the lead when deciding what to do this time.  I loved it when Jung Do stated, ” I don’t want to go back in the slammer again.  You be the navigational guide, I’ll be the driver.”  Aww.  I love how the story has switched from revenge to just doing what is right and standing up for the little guy.


A new member of Team Con

Deciding that President Choi is to guarded to attack directly, the team decides to go at him from another direction.  Indirectly at his construction company in combination with attacking the Mayor who is up for reelection.  But since the Mayor knows Jung Do and Seung Il to intimately, they will be bringing a new member to the team.

Enter our mysterious inmate Chairman Wang, who seems to be a huge deal inside prison and out.  I can’t wait to see how this power hitter mixes up the status quo of the con.

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