Fantastic Teaser #4 Brings the Cast Together for Some Hijinks

a12a6.pngNo matter how much I want the drama Age of Youth to last forever (if you are not watching go check it out ASAP) it is coming to a close next week.  Which means it is time for the teasers for jTCB‘s next drama Fantastic to start in full force.  Which brings us here to this post.a12a5.png

Am I the only one that feels Joo Sang Wook seems to be part of a different drama from the rest of the cast?  It is kind of sending me Man in the Mask vibes which is NOT a good thing.  I am willing to give him a chance to wow me and since Ji Soo is a side character I will be tuning in regardless.  I have somehow sat through everything he has starred in.  It would be just wrong to not go forward with my Ji Soo tradition.

Fantastic airs on jTBC September 2nd.




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