A Side of Kpop – New MV Review


So many great new MV’s were released this month.  Come check out what The Fangirls think about the latest musical comebacks.


DISCLAIMER: These are all just personal opinions on specific MV’s this is in no way meant to say any group or performer is horrible.  Everyone should check out the songs to form their own opinion since taste is very subjective.  If you want to see all the songs in a playlist form, click below.


VIXX – “Fantasy”

KMUSE: I love the Moonlight Sonata mixed into the song and their vocals are spot on. VIXX always manages to make me addicted to their songs and this time is no different.  Fantasy will be going on my permanent playlist.

CLKYTTA:  Vixx always delivers.  This is my favorite video on the list, the vocals fit the song, the theme matches the song and it’s well developed.  These guys are always fun for me to watch.

KdramaJen:  Ooh!  That voice!  I love the beginning.  I listen to Kpop on my drive into work, so I don’t have too much time to ogle, I mean watch, the videos.  Vixx delivers visually and has a blended sound that gives me goosebumps.

SPICA – “Get Lucky”

CLKYTTA: This was a fun one to watch.  It reminded me of high school with my friends at lunch while we played around singing popular songs.  I loved the cups and how they were obviously having a blast while singing and playing.

KdramaJen:  I love SPICA.  They give the impression they are just playing around, but their vocals are spot on.  This one made me want to hang out with them.

KMUSE: This song is just fun.  I do hope they have a Korean song comeback sooner than later.  It has been to long.


CL – “Lifted”

CLKYTTA: CL has a good voice and she’s beautiful and I’d love to have a body like hers, but she comes across like she is trying too hard on screen. I think they are trying so hard to make her an international star and appeal to the American audience and their idea of what appeals to Americans is so  generic.  I feel like I’ve seen this video about 5 times before with other artists. The song is really catchy though and I was humming it all night last night.

KdramaJen: I am really struggling with CL’s song choices.  I think she is trying too hard to be bad.  Having said that, I caught myself singing about “forties and shorties,” so clearly the song itself is catchy.  It also seems aimed at U.S. market.  It has been several days since I first heard it, and I am still singing it, so this might just be the song to gain the attention of American audiences.

KMUSE:  I think that CL’s solo/English work just not be my style.  I wish her the best but I am not really interested in seeing her crossover work.

EXO – “Lotto”

CLKYTTA: They totally lost me with the cockfighting. It doesn’t matter to me if the cockfighting was real or fake, it totally ruined this for me.  Instead of focusing on the guys and the song, I couldn’t get the image of the animals out of my head.

KMUSE: The MV was OK but I really enjoy the song.  To be honest the first time I listened the auto-tune distracted me.  Luckily I had to watch it a few times for this post and now I really love the song.  I think this is one I might enjoy watching performed live rather than the MV.

KddramaJen:  I am a huge EXO fan, but this is not my favorite.  I agree the cockfighting was in poor taste, and the overall vibe of the video was different than most of their other work.   I want to support a group’s venture into new territory, but this felt a bit awkward to me.  Sometimes, though, I have to watch a video or listen to a song a few times in order to really appreciate it.  This might be one of those cases.

B.A.P. – “That’s My Jam”

CLKYTTA:  This was a fun video, I like it when groups do a B movie concept like this.  They are all bored and then you see them out playing and get into all sorts of comical trouble. This song has been stuck in my head the past few days and it makes me want to dance, and I’m not a dancer.

KMUSE: This is another that I really loved watching live.  It is the perfect song to blast whenever I need a little bit of motivation.

Agust D – “Agust D”

KMUSE: This isn’t my style of music but I can appreciate how personal Suga’s first solo MV was. He really put a lot of thought into his lyrics and, in my opinion, he succeeded in making a memorable MV.

CLKYTTA:  Sigh, how is it that there is no one who advises these poor artists on bad English choices?  The video was good, but when part of your rap includes “to the STD” it doesn’t matter if it’s a part of your name, everyone stops to wonder why he’s singing about STDs. I do like that he is using his name backwards for his solo projects though.

Agust D – ” Give it to me”

CLKYTTA: I enjoyed this video so much more than “Agust D”.  I liked that they kept the same concept for both videos. I love how in your face, the video and the lyrics are and I felt like this was a totally new artist, not just a solo project.

KMUSE: Loved it!

Jun.K – “Thinking About

CLKYTTA: This was my second favorite video.  I like videos that tell a story and the vivid use of color in this one really appealed to me.  I added the song to my current playlist too.

KMUSE: I agree that the vivid colors in this MV was beautifully done.  It might not be a favorite song of mine, but I think it is perfect when I just need background music.

Black/Pink –  “Boombayah”

CLKYTTA: You can definitely tell this is a YG group.  The video was good, and the song is good, but I felt like all of it reminded me so much of 2NE1.

KdramaJen:  I have mixed feelings about Black/Pink, kind of like the name suggests.  I don’t think they have found their signature sound yet. They have incredible vocal potential.  You can hear it in their tight harmonies and some of the solo voices, but then there are jarring rap breaks that sound like they belong in a different song.  I predict they will become very popular because they are visually stunning and they have a depth of musicality that is not fully evident in this song.  It has me intrigued to check out some of their future work.

KMUSE: I feel that they are playing at a concept and it hasn’t really gelled yet.  Will be happy to keep an eye on them and see if I enjoy their future work.  They do have good vocals so I hope they can find their own way and not just remind me of a 2ne1 replacement.


KdramaJen:  I just threw this one in here because it is one of my new favorite songs on the OST of Cinderella and the Four Knights.  I love her voice.  That sultry sound is just perfect for this song.  I prefer her singing over her rapping.  This is the one I am listening to over and over.

KMUSE: I LOVE THIS SONG!  So fun and I listen to it a couple times a day at least.  It also doesn’t hurt that it is featured prominently in one of my favorite airing dramas.

Urban Zakapa- Falling

KdramaJen: Urban Zakapa is not exactly Kpop, but it is one of my favorite Korean groups.  They also happen to be singing a song in W, the AWESOME Kdrama that has me completely sucked in and anticipating every Wednesday and Thursday.  “Falling” beautifully features the vocals of Jo Hyun-ah (조현아), the only female member of the three member group.  The other members include Park Yong-in (박용인) and Kwon Sun-il (권순일).  If you haven’t listened to Urban Zakapa before, then I strongly recommend that you give them a try.

KMUSE: So many W feelz.

Thanks for joining us as we fangirl just a bit over KPOP.  Drama and music go hand in hand after all.  If we missed any MV that you think we need to know about, feel free to share in the comments.  We are always happy to find new music to listen to in between dramas.

Til next time,

The Fangirls



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