Mane of Glory Recap #1


It is time for our newest segment to take off!  With all the flowerboy khotties in the current crop of sageuks, it was impossible for us to ignore all the pretty.  Sadly, we are all busy moms and can’t recap everything so this is our compromise.  We will be doing a weekly post we like to call our Mane of Glory Recap where we chat everything sageuk.  Let me clarify, everything shallow sageuk.  This is not going to be one of those odes to ancient politics.  We are going to talk hot guys, sexy moments, and quirky hijinks with pretty much little to no context.


We are still waiting til next week for Scarlet Heart Ryeo to air, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a little something for everyone anticipating.  Here is Trailer (click CC for Eng Subs) and our thoughts…


KMUSE: HAHA.  So she falls into some water in modern times and comes out in the private bathhouse to a lot of sexy partially clothed princes.  Doesn’t this totally sound like the beginning of a fanfic?

CLKYTTA: Kmuse, I want to live out that fanfic, just sign me up for Kang Ha Neul’s character.  He is just mesmerizing, and the longer hair suits him well.


DRAMA GEEK: I had this dream last night. There might have been a few more kpop stars in the mix but I totally had this dream. And Ji Soo said, “Noona, age doesn’t matter.” LOL. I opted to not watch the longer preview because I like to go into a drama without having seen most of the first few episodes. I will say that this show will probably be where we all of our manes of glory talk. There are just so many of them. YUM!




I know, technically most of the cast don’t have manes of glory. But they’re there.  Just tucked all up, waiting to be undone.  So in my mind, this totally counts.

KMUSE: What about a messy bun of glory….. that almost counts right?

DRAMA GEEK: Oh my, Bo Gum’s messy bun in pics is funny but when you see him in action and know why he’s disheveled it’s hilarious.

KMUSE: Let’s start us off by admiring Park Bo Gum as Crown Prince Hyomyeong.  Can I just say that I am 100% in love with his intricate facial expressions.  I seriously could watch him smirk for hours.

CLKYTTA: He has such an expressive face, few actors are able to convey so much emotion just through facial expressions.  You can tell exactly what is going on just by his expressions.

DRAMA GEEK: I fell for him in I Remember You, and loved him to bits in Reply 1988. But this character  shows everything that is Park Bo Gum’s glory. He’s somewhat of a tyrant. He’s beyond cheeky. He’s a spoiled brat. He’s a sad son. I’m not going to name names but I watched a different show after this one, and the guy is doing a good job. He really is, but I have to look so hard to see what he’s thinking sometimes. Bo Gum conveys it in a flick of his eyes.

KMUSE: And since we are being a tiny bit shallow, can we also admire how sexy he looks in this deep maroon outfit?  I might be swooning as I take the screencaps.


DRAMA GEEK: Kim Yoo Jung. Oh you little imp. I was so happy when her character was just as cheeky as Bo Gum’s. Yes, she’s one of the prettiest boys I’ve ever seen, but so are Bo Gum and Jin Young. She’s been able to command screen presence from a very early age. She just has this aura about her. Her character is intelligent. Quick witted. And I bit of a rascal. The scenes with her eating or drinking with the prince are priceless. 

KMUSE: I have to admit that I am having a case of extreme hair envy.  If only my hair looked this gorgeous after being stuck up in a bun for days and having fever sweats due to a stabbing.   I swear this scene should totally be a shampoo commercial.

CLKYTTA: She’s just truly beautiful.  Seriously though, how is her hair so shiny and frizz free?


CLKYTTA: Our OTP has amazing chemistry and every interaction they have shows it. You feel the spark in all the little touches that throw each other off balance, and their back and forth bantering is so cute and feels natural.

KMUSE: One of my favorite scenes was when Prince Bo Gum and Ra On were stuck in the poop pit (UGH SO GROSS).  They just sizzled through that whole scene.

DRAMA GEEK: They have amazing chemistry in every scene. They both command screen presence and they both have great comedic timing. I can’t wait to see him fall for the eunuch that dropped him in the poop pit. His pain over loving a man will be priceless. And if the first two episodes proved anything, it will be full of laughs as well as tears for him.


DRAMA GEEK: After getting two cheeky characters in our OTP I was half expecting a very serious Jin Young to come into the story. And then he goes and turns out to be just as much as they are. Though I do think he hides a lonely darkness within. In a gender bending story there is usually one person that knows she is a he. And Jin Young’s character is very perceptive and a self proclaimed expert on the womanly form. I feel like he’ll be a much needed alley for our eunuch who doesn’t have what all the others don’t, but will still need some protection.


KMUSE:  I adore how cheesy his speech patterns are with women.  Totally over the top and flowery.  Have to admit they would probably work though.  Especially when the one saying them is this beautiful.

CLKYTTA: He is a charmer. I think that is going to be something that will cause major problems and some serious SLS later on.


CLKYTTA: Sexy Shadow is the perfect name for Guard Kim.  Where did he come from and where can I get one?  I love that he flies around like a swashbuckling pirate with his hair waving in the breeze. Speaking of hair, does anyone else want to brush the bangs out of his eyes to see him better? They do that on purpose, just to show us that he’s a bit of a rebel and unattainable.


DRAMA GEEK: I’m always a sucker for the loyal silent bodyguard. He sports the only real mane of glory, and it’s a glorious one. He really does have better hair than most women. I’m very interested in his past relationship with Jin Young’s character. Once friends, now on opposite sides of a political battle.

KMUSE:  Byung Yeon was 100% swoonworthy when he went all sexy and dangerous in episode 2.  Some guys just look really good drawing their sword.


DRAMA GEEK: One of my favorite scenes was when Ra On has to pass her test and the prince cosplays (I think this is his third  persona she’s seen him in) as an eunuch so he can make sure she passes. We couldn’t have his new puppy leaving the palace before he properly torments her. I’m pretty sure the production staff gave him a short tunic on purpose. The way he marches down the aisle and swishes. He totally looks like a tiny boy playing dress up. On a side note, I just want to add. So, you get your berries chopped of (YIKES!) and then you take the test to see if you’re good enough to be a eunuch in the palace. DUDE, that’s so messed up. I guess if you fail, you can go serve somewhere else, but that is just not fair. Test first, then the goods come off.

KMUSE: There is just something so hilarious about the fact that Prince Bo Gum is rushing around the palace pretending to be various types of people so he can continue to pick on Ra On.  This just makes my day.

CLKYTTA: He’s everywhere! My favorite part was when he forced her hand to fill in the test, he knows what she is doing and he’s not ready to stop playing with her yet.


KMUSE:  And how hilarious was it having Ra On get drunk then bite Crown Prince.  I couldn’t stop laughing at how comfortable she has gotten palling around with him and Sexy Shadow.


DRAMA GEEK: Best drunk round table ever. It’s funny when the girl in the group is the most raucous of them all. Prince Bo Gum is dainty in comparison. I also love that she’s both comfortable with these two and very physical. I’m sure once she finds out who he really is that will change. But I loved it. And I’m pretty sure the crown prince did too.


CLKYTTA: I totally cracked up when she bit his finger.  She’s so physical, which is surprising because you’d think she would be more careful in that way.


KMUSE: I also think a certain someone might have a newly developed biting fetish.  He sure looked pretty happy staring at his poor nibbled on finger.

DRAMA GEEK: He totally does!




KMUSE: I love it all.  This drama can do no wrong at this point.

CLKYTTA: I’m also in love with this one.  It’s been a while since I’ve laughed so much while watching a drama.

DRAMA GEEK: I have finally found a sageuk I can watch with pure abandonment again. Not much since seeing S Scandal have I enjoyed the first 2 episodes of a historical drama. This cast makes this one a much watch, and I hope they can keep the tone and comedy up throughout it’s run. I give it 5 berries.

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  1. I’d like to hear your Mane of Glory recommendations of other series for those of us who can’t wait for Aug. 29 to show up.

    In the Best Hair category, I’ve seen Faith, Empress Ki, King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang, Scholar Who Walks the Night, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Moon that Embraces the Sun and about as many historical c-dramas as well. I know you will throw out Six Flying Dragons and Nirvana in Fire but I am looking for a more balanced fighting/palace/romance show. Right now, I’m finishing up Singing all the way which is a surprisingly good balance between romance and palace intrigue. but NO MANES OF GLORY.

    Now, back to re-watching that trailer . . .

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