Seo In Guk Shines in 1st Shopping King Louie Teaser


SQUEEEE!  Seo In Guk’s new show starts in only 20 days and the 1st teaser was finally released.  I am so very happy right now.  You know you are a true Heartrider when your heart literally stops beating, even when Seo In Guk’s hair is so, shall we say, messy?  But I swear my heart skipped a few beats.  I am pretty sure it was the smile that did me in.  1We are only 21 days from premiere day, which means it is time for teasers, teasers, and more teasers!  While nothing huge, this does give us a first look at our OTP (One True Pairing).  And country bumpkin styling aside, both are throwing out some serious chemistry. While not your classical Kdrama beauty, Nam Ji Hyun has some serious acting skills. I have watched her in multiple dramas and she has never disappointed me to date.  In fact, I would even rank her as one of the best actresses in her age bracket.  So I was thrilled to find out she would be co-starring in a romantic comedy with my #1 bias.


They are throwing in a ton of tropes for this drama including, amnesia, chaebol heir gets countrified, falling in love with a poor girl, I suspect it will be a trope minefield of a plot.  But I have faith in Seo In Guk’s ability to choose good scripts and expect this drama to have  depth hidden under all the usual plot lines.  Shopping King Louie airs on September 21st following W-Two Worlds.



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