W-Two Worlds Episode 14 – True Love Trumps Mostly Dead

1a21It is a crazy W-Two Worlds train ride this hour as Webtoon Dad and Kang Chul come together to achieve the unthinkable…… OK, it’s not really unthinkable since I am pretty sure everyone and their blind cat could see the broad strokes of this plot line…… but they come together to achieve things, and that is what is important.asdf1a

Yeon Joo is Dead

It comes as no surprise that Yeon Joo actually died.  Not right away, as she was revived after 30 minutes of cardiac arrest in the hospital.  Upon hearing that Yeon Joo was officially brain-dead, Kang Chul takes her to the Webtoon world where she languished for weeks before passing away.


Needless to say, Kang Chul is devastated but has a plan to save his wife and get their happy ending.

Team Webtoon Dad & Kang Chul

After informing Su Bong and Webtoon Dad about Yeon Joo’s demise, Kang Chul patiently waits for dad to sober up.  Webtoon Dad is so distraught (and drunk) that he ends up being hospitalized where he goes full breakdown and attempts to kill himself our of despair.

This break is understandable as we realize that Webtoon Dad has the memories The Killer.  Which means he actually remembers shooting Yeon Joo.

Luckily, Dad has Kang Chul watching out for him.  The latter having to pull Webtoon Dad off and a ledge, literally.  Kang Chul then explains to Webtoon Dad about his plan to save Yeon Joo.  Since Yeon Joo is at least half webtoon character thanks to her marrying Kang Chul, she isn’t really dead.  Only mostly dead.


If you are having a hard time grasping this plot twist, think back to when Kang Chul was drowning in the Han River.  He was dead but really just in limbo.  It is exactly the same thing. Which means Yeon Joo’s body is in limbo as well in the Webtoon World

That Dastardly Villain

But resurrecting a dead person is not as easy as it once was.  Faceless Webtoon Dad had destroyed the tablet and regular Dad fears that his connection to the Webtoon World is also destroyed forever.  But Kang Chul realizes the killer was not the type of person to limit himself and would make sure that there was a backup tablet in the Webtoon World.


After some prodding, Webtoon Dad remembers drawing the tablet inside The Killer’s trunk.  But the two men discover that the tablet had disappeared by the time the police arrived at the scene.  Both men exclaim “Assemblyman Han”, realizing that the 2nd bad guy has Yeon Joo’s only lifeline.


Assemblyman Han isn’t as dumb as I had imagined, or he really is and just got very lucky.  By chance, the bad guy discovers that he can bring things to existence by drawing them on the tablet.  Armed with this knowledge, Assemblyman Han gets the best of Kang Chul, drugging him and taking him to a deserted warehouse.


Tortured for Love

Assemblyman Han realizes that he can do anything he wants since Kang Chul is technically dead. Kang Chul bides his time, being beaten and bloodied by the evil Assemblyman. But due to his being a one note, somewhat dense, character, Kang Chul was able to trick him into going to the hospital.  There was a lot more to it, but I would rather share some pictures of Kang Chul looking gorgeous while bloody with everyone…. Enjoy!


Thanks to Kang Chul’s tactician mind and Webtoon Dad, Su Bong, and Assemblyman Han all being at the right place in the same dimension, the tablet is reacquired.  YAY!  Yeon Joo awakes in Kang Chul’s penthouse suite alive and unharmed and flashes back to the real world.  Everyone is happy and ready to get to that happy ending.



Final Episode

But before our lovebirds can be reunited in marital bliss, Yeon Joo is pulled back again into the webtoon and the words “Final Episode” flashes up on the screen.  It looks like we will be having a bit of a wait for our reunion.


My Thoughts:

OK, so we are starting to experience a few minor plotholes here and there.  For example, how can Assemblyman Han use the tablet to make things appear and happen?  It didn’t work for So Bong when he tried.  Only Yeon Joo and her father, who were the creators of the webtoon, were able to make it work.  So how does a random bad guy suddenly have this ability?  Did I miss something and they explained it in today’s episode?  This is always a possibility since I do sometimes forget to read subs when Lee Jong Suk is looking attractively tortured on my TV screen.  And how was Kang Chul able to pull Assemblyman Han into the hospital?  I know that when Yeon Joo got pulled through to the webtoon world, she ended up by the person who was thinking of her.  Why would it be different now?


But I digress, because, in the end, this show isn’t about giving us a seamless explanation about the hows and whys of this double dimension situation.  But to tell us the love story of Kang Chul and Yeon Joo.  And now that Yeon Joo is officially “not dead” we can continue on with that story and get our happily ever after.  Because after watching multiple deaths and reverse deaths, don’t we viewers deserve to have our OTP make it?

To Be Continued….




0 thoughts on “W-Two Worlds Episode 14 – True Love Trumps Mostly Dead

  1. It looked like Assemblyman Han was just pulling up drawings Seung Moo and Yeon Joo already drew, and pressing “enter” to add them to the current scene? At least, that’s what I think he was doing… I didn’t really get the “enter” and “delete” part, but I’m pretty sure it worked because they were drawings already created by the creators. 🙂

  2. regarding the tablet that Han Cheol Ho have, is the one that Killer gotten Dad to draw into his car boot, its not exactly the same one that Dad has, coz its destroyed, so wahtever YJ or SB saved as gif or pic in that tablet will be gone together as it is destroyed. the twisted killer must have asked Dad to draw the tablet together with some files on weapons, all kind of guns and all kind of poisons for Killer’s own twisted usage. But when Han Cheol HO accidentally click on for trial error, the first gun appeared in his hand, so trigger his interest to test all … and discover this ‘magical tablet’ that can make things appear in your hand.
    KangChul has to make HCH to appear with teh tablet at the same hospital that the comic world and the real world shared, (but using diff names). but he has to timed it right so that when he estimated HCH to reach the comic world, KC himself must go back to Real world, only when he is in real world, then he can summon whatever comic character from the comic world to the real world, by his will. then he will summon him back. but he has to premon SB to seize the tablet during that short window opened.

    “She died.”
    KC experienced all that takes for a real human to experiences in a life times. everything that comes along in a package wrapped nicely, stamped fragile. To be a real human, means to be vulnerable to hurts that bleed your souls away, bleed your will to stay alive, bleed your happiness away, bleed your hope away for a future… to be human is to be fragile.
    That scene is LJS’s one of his Best performance to date. To cry like Chul in Lee Jongsuk’s style: none of the dramatic grief, no yelling, no loud sobbing, no smashing of furniture, no dropping down to the flour dramatically like a boneless chicken, no yelling of wanting to kill himself… no aftermath even of fasting and refusing to eat to just wait to die…..
    Just Chul’s tears-welled eyes, reddened nose, trembling lips, bowing in defeats, in whispering tone: “She died”.
    2 words, “She died.” don’t need more rantings. Sufficed.
    When grieving looks like that well controlling, it’s called for more devastating damages of self-exploded volcano inside. actually Since his recent kiss in the car to finding his wife dying, to the court-room scene (spoiler” ep.15). he has started to show true sign that he has fallen in love. even the OST9 itself stated that “Falling in”, which meant not just YJ, but alsom KC.

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