W Two Worlds Episode 15 – Give me the damn happy ending!

1a39.pngWe are soooo close to the end. The rules have been established, erased, reset, thrown out the window, and drawn again. Who thinks that when that final hour comes to an end this writer will probably throw up a To Be Continued just for funsies?

11 months later… yup, Yeon Joo gets pulled back into the manhwa, but it’s August now instead of September. Oh and it’s 2017. We’re in the future guys and there is no getting out this time. Apparently, when Kang Chul sat on the side of the road in the real world he was so distraught that he desperately wanted the rollercoaster ride to end. And because the manhwa powers that be love to give him what he wants, he ends up back in the manhwa and the beginning of the last chapter starts.

Let me tell you, it is one long ass chapter. Kang Chul’s in jail for a year, going through a trial and being convicted. No Face Dad, who now has a face, is pulled in like Yeon Joo and Kang Chul. He gets the unlucky privilege of being like Kang Chul and lands there right away, instead of skipping the year, like Yeon Joo.

The saddest part about Dad’s fate is that he not only got his face back, he ended up with the killer’s memories too. So he lands himself in the psych ward for a year. Going back and forth between his two personalities: Killer Dad and Real Dad. Not knowing if his daughter is alive or dead.


As things tend to happen in dramaland. The day that Yeon Joo is pulled back in is when her dad breaks out of the hospital so he can get to the writing tablet he stashed away “just in case.” It’s also the day Kang Chul attends his appeal at the courthouse, which is where Yeon Joo finds him.


Kang Chul is in the middle of getting the list of his offenses read, but everything else fades away and only Yeon Joo exists. I have to admit, I kind of wanted a full run toward one another and then the guards blocking them, but the way they look at each other is still pretty awesome. And more realistic for these characters.

They get to have a brief conversation before he’s pulled away, and he learns that it’s only been hours since she came back to life. He had no way of knowing if Yeon Joo came back, so he’s spent the last year wondering if she was dead, or if she had just decided to move on with her life. (Um, I don’t think the powers that be are really giving her the choice to move on.)


While Kang Chul waits to be taken back to prison, a key is drawn into his handcuffs then a gun in his hand. He easily escapes and meets up with Yeon Joo. Dad is the one who helped him and is currently waiting for them in a replica of his house in the real world.
Yeon Joo finds her dad, but it’s not a very happy reunion. After helping Kang Chul get away, Dad tied himself to the bed. He’s still in his hospital jammies and looks pretty out of it when they come in.

While Yeon Joo makes her dad food to help him recover. Dad tells Kang Chul the real reason he’s tied up. He killed someone to get out of the psych ward, and he can’t control himself anymore. The killer takes over, and then he doesn’t know what will happen next.


He tells Kang Chul that he truly has become the antagonist in the story, and in order for Kang Chul to have a happy ending, he has to die. He knows it’s true because his arm had been flickering for a long time, then when he’d killed the nurse, it became solid again.
Kang Chul adamantly refuses to kill his wife’s father and leaves him alone to eat with Yeon Joo. They have a cute back and forth about complimenting her cooking and not really meaning it. You can tell the strain of everything they’ve been through is really starting to weigh on them.


Kang Chul gets a text saying he needs to call Do Yoon and when he does, he finds out that his bodyguard has been kidnapped by Han Chul Ho. He’s given an ultimatum. Bring the writing tablet, and all the people associated with it, and he’ll let his friend live.

While Kang Chul is out, Yeon Joo draws a CCTV recording of a year ago when Chul Ho beat Kang Chul so they can turn it over to the police and get him arrested. I really, really want a tablet that does this. You just draw dinner and suddenly it’s there. A jet to fly to the other side of the world. Better yet, a blue door so I can just pop over there. Okay, okay, if the price for this is my face, I’m out.

While Yeon Joo’s drawing, Dad has another personality crises and tries to choke her. Kang Chul gets there in time, but dang that was scary.


Once they have Dad tied up again. Kang Chul sits Yeon Joo down and lays it out there for her. His happy ending means her dad’s sad ending. He doesn’t want her to sacrifice her dad, so he’ll make it so she’s not his wife anymore. Therefore, no longer one of the main characters. So, sad ending for Kang Chul and Yeon Joo, but she gets to have her crazy dad as a goodbye gift. What is option C?


I know Kang Chul thinks that if he “divorces her” she goes back to the real world and essentially takes her dad with her, and he finishes up his last episode sad and alone, but I really don’t feel like it will work like that. Anyway, he gives her to the choice. Yeah, because choosing between your husband and your dad is always an easy thing to do.


I loved the end of the episode. We go back to our favorite W fan, Mad Dog. He arrives at the hospital to find out from another doctor that the last episode has been uploaded. He goes up to his office, opens up the episode and… that’s it. We have to wait days and days and days to find out how it ends.

To Be Continued…

4 thoughts on “W Two Worlds Episode 15 – Give me the damn happy ending!

  1. I was hooked the first eight episodes and then lost the addiction for “W”..I could be wrong but it seems as if the writers change mid way through or didn’t think this drama out all the way..but the thrill was gone for me….I’m still hanging on to see what happens for the “final episode”…thanks for your updated blog.

  2. I have NOT lost my addiction at ALL for this drama – it keeps changing so much. Actually it’s very cleverly done – it is my interpretations that change cause more & more info comes in to refine the logic running this world & the interface between both of them. If you look at the rules we NOW know about, and apply them to the first few episodes, still works. So it’s a gradual REVEAL!
    I’m enthralled! All I ask is a happy ending that progresses logically – and although I personally could care less about dear dad, I guess his daughter cares.
    So loving this 😀

  3. I think this drama isn’t without flaws, but I am still enjoying it and the questions it raises. This episode was a good set up for the finale, and I hope the writer delivers a logically satisfying ending. What a bummer of a choice! Here’s hoping that Yeon-joo and Kang Chul manage to use all the variables to engineer their happy ending. I’m holding on to the comment Crazy Dog’s colleague yelled after him, that it would be an ending that would surprise him – he doesn’t like romance and Oh Yeon-joo, right?

    Love the ending scene with Crazy Dog, though!

  4. While some critics may chides that writernim or MBC sacrificed dad to given the Love-bird a lovely happy ending. It guess its overstated the ‘tragic-state’ of Dad’s in order to continuously thumb down the ‘unnecessities’ of giving OTP-Chul-Joo their happy ending, mainly the same old argument that Chul is afterall is non-human, thus tragedies is fine. Put aside drooling over OTP…

    But put yourself in Dad’s shoe, having killed so many at his first rampage is already, giving him enough guilty, while he can still comfort himself behind ‘its the killer who did it’ and seek some self-solacing. Because of Chul’s much understanding too that Killer’s use his identity to kill his daughter and all the rest of 10 people at the media-stations. Yet after killed the nurse at the Aslyum, he has no excuses whatsoever as he was totally not under the dead killer’s manipulation, but being controlled by his own memories. How could he escaped and sacrifice his beloved daughter’s happiness and allowed Chul to sacrifice alone (that one character he wrote for his own indulgence) and make her mourn forever. How do we expect Dad to go on living knowing it’s his second mistakes that cause his daughter to mourn again, and now to going to commit a third mistake? The first time he let his daughter went thru Hell by refusing to draw Chul out of Han river, thinking she belongs to him and mom, rather to let her wallow in perpetual angst. Then again, he saw her went thru hell watching Chul forget her, still couldn’t do anything!… Now will he again let her go thru a 3rd hell to witnessed Chul’s demise? What kind of dad will he allowed that to happen to his daughter 3-folds, who suffered mostly because of his own lousy writing. Is the death that he caused worthless then? Because he finally realised even the death of that nurse he strangled, every life is precious in the eyes of those who missed the victim.

    After all, what Dad suggested is not wrong, why don’t let him be proud of making that last sacrifices and let him died with honor. Let him do something for his daughter finally, which he failed to do in the past many times; even by forcing her to major in medical when her gift is Art…. and refusal to redrawn Chul back to life… many which he kept focusing on himself… now is finally the time to do something more which only he can do. Save chul, by saving chul, save YJ.

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