TvN begins Entourage Promos with 3 New Teasers


I have had a huge bestie drama shaped hole since Age of Youth concluded a month ago.  So I am really hoping that upcoming bromance drama Entourage can begin to fill that hole.  Judging from the cute teasers that were released during TvN‘s 10 Anniversary award show, there is a good chance of that happening.

Entourage will follow upcoming drama star Yeong Bin (Seo Kang Joon) who brings his childhood friends along as, you guessed it, his entourage.  The story will focus on the changes within the friendship as well as the hardships of making it in the entertainment industry.  Jo Jin Woong will play Yeon Bin’s manager.  This drama is an adaptation of the HBO TV show of the same name.


Entourage will begin airing on November 4th.

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3

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