Mane of Glory Recap #9

FotorCreated.jpgCome join The Fangirls as we bid a fond and tearful farewell to some of our favorite Manes of Glory. We cover the finale episodes and say goodbye to our adorable Prince Bo Gum and his lady love.  We also become traumatized as we say goodbye to various characters in Scarlet Heart. There sure are a lot of goodbyes this week.   1a2

**The blog will be following the Korean airing of Scarlet Heart Ryeo.  So even though you can find further episodes that were snagged from china, we are going to be patient and wait.


Ra On Ranting


KMUSE: I am only going to comment on it once since it has really been bugging me the last several episodes.  Why do sageuk writer’s allow the leading ladies to become empty vases once the OTP hooks up?  Sure these two are super cute together.  But the longer they were in love the less intelligent and feisty Ra On became.  It was really frustrating.  Why can’t a girl be in love and be self sufficient at the same time?

CLKYTTA: Amen! It’s like they switch gears and go from awesomely feisty to yawn worthy boring. She’s just stood there like a deer in the headlights the past few episodes.

Drama Geek: I was greatly saddened by her character trajectory. On the outset of this drama she had all the makings to be someone that would stand by Prince Bo Gum’s side and figure out how to go against all odds together. Her matchmaking skills were clever and inventive and she should have been able to use that when it really mattered. Instead the writers decided to make her decisions put those she loved in danger (and eventually die) time after time.

KdramaJen: This has been bothering me for the past few episodes.  Where did our spunky eunuch go?  She was smart and resourceful.  Would she really just stand around and wait to be grabbed?  This was like the opposite of character growth.

Bromances 4 Ever


KMUSE: I am going to ignore how stupid the overall plan to save Ra On and her father is and just focus on the awesomeness of Prince Bo Gum and Guardsman Kim’s bromance.  This whole scene just touched me.  It was equally as satisfactory as any OTP (One True Pairing) confession scene.  The feelz are overwhelming.  Especially when Guardsman Kim apologizes for not following PBG’s final request and allows himself to be attacked.

CLKYTTA: This was the best scene in the whole drama. I was completely overwhelmed and cried like a baby. I did a lot of crying last night.  I’m a swollen eyed mess today.

Drama Geek: Oh my gosh, the feelz. These two truly loved each other and I was so touched when Prince Bo Gum made sure that Guard Kim knew he still trusted him to the end. And that all Guard Kim wanted was to depart as his friend. So touching. And both actors did a fabulous job during this scene. I hope there is some BTS of this in the special. (Which I totally plan on watching this weekend.)

KdramaJen: My eyes leaked tears during this scene.  When Prince Bo Gum  told Guard Kim not to drop his sword.  Wow!  This was an epic bromance moment.

KMUSE: Also GK talking informally with his last breath!  Oh my word I am getting weepy just thinking about it.  My only complaint is that the director could have used a little less blood drooling from our hottie’s mouth. It was overkill.

CLKYTTA: The blood and gore was a bit much.  The fraternal love between these two and Guard Kim’s wish to just be Prince Bo Gum’s friend, feels on top of feels!

Drama Geek:  I’ll forgive the blood because these two just did such a touching send off to each other. I cried so hard. (And was so mad at the stupid rebels for such a poor plan, especially since he died so they could escape one part of the palace only to be caught at another.)

Guardsman Kim is Only Mostly Dead


KMUSE: YAY!  Our hottie with the emoting hair is not dead.  Thank goodness because if he had died on behalf of such a stupid plot twist, I would have been pissed.  Not only did no one have a flipping plan, but I half expected them to get caught again because they were just so slow.  I didn’t even feel bad when Head Eunuch died.  All I could think was that our beautifully coiffed hottie died for this?  So dumb.

CLKYTTA: Head Eunuch needed to die dramatically, that helped further the plot. Guard Kim had to survive, otherwise it was a total waste of a hot body and good hair. On a more serious note, I literally cheered out loud and almost woke up the house when I saw that finger move.

Drama Geek: When they brought his body to Jin Young I kept chanting for his finger to move. And then when it did, I screamed in joy. Hey, if Evil Eyeliner can fall off a cliff and survive, why can’t my favorite hair khottie live too?

KdramaJen: I am with Drama Geek on this one.  I was straining my eyes, just waiting for his finger to twitch, his toe to move, or his mane of glory to somehow come alive.  I was not disappointed.


KMUSE: Darn.  Even in a coma his hair is so beautiful and shiny.

CLKYTTA: Sweaty face, but not a hair out of place.  I’m going to petition for some kind of Joseon chapstick for these poor characters. I’m really tired of the chapped lip look.


Drama Geek: His hair should go down in history as one of the most glorious manes there ever was. Maybe he’ll get a prize for it at the network awards show.

Baby?  What Baby?

KMUSE: I was actually interested in watching the Queen struggle between maternal feelings and the need to gain her father’s approval.  Sure The Queen is totally horrible, but I liked that we got to see a different side of her.

CLKYTTA: Maternal instinct is a powerful thing. I almost felt sorry for her.  My biggest question is, if she’s so inferior and unworthy of her father’s love, why did he make her a Queen? If she’s that low on the social scale how did she pass to be Queen?


Drama Geek: I liked this story line and finally felt this character (and actress) moved outside the normal evil queen and showed us a bit of how hard it was for women in the palace. Still don’t like her though.

KdramaJen: Whatever.  A little bit of mommy guilt doesn’t excuse the fact that she tied some woman up, stole her baby, and then had her killed.

At Death’s Door……..Again


KMUSE: This felt so forced and just a plot device to give Ra On an excuse to sneak into the palace again.  And get caught running around again.  It all felt like one huge deja vu moment only this time Ra On was in a dress.

CLKYTTA: I’m calling shenanigans on this one. The writers ran out of tropes, so they decided to just try to kill Prince Bo Gum again so Ra On could help save him.

Drama Geek: Girls… they had to poison him so he could figure out how his mom could have been poisoned even though they tested the tea and it didn’t have poison in it. Also I think they did it because in real life his death was a suspected poisoning so they were probably trolling the audience.

KdramaJen: The trolling worked on me.  I thought maybe they would really kill him off.  Historically, this prince did die at a young age.  It made sense.  I mean, it would have been a really crummy ending, but it would have been a pretty good match with the historical record.

Naughty Nurse


CLKYTTA: Nothing suspicious about a nurse walking around with her face covered, right? Except, I’m pretty sure nurses didn’t go around with their faces covered, so that’s a big red flag right there and she’s lucky Prince Bo Gum’s eunuch was able to usher them in before she got caught.  It is sweet how she’s the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes though.

Drama Geek: Yup, her sneaking in wearing a mask is just stupid. But we got our first sweet couple moments in quite a while from it, so I guess I’ll forgive it. (At least for now.)

KMUSE: I would have been a lot more lenient with this palace caper if I hadn’t just ranted for a whole week about the last time she snuck into the palace.  The girl has the common sense of a loon.  I could only wonder how long it would take for her to get caught this time.  But then the show distracted me with the whole swooning over the whole reunited cute couple stuff.  I swear their theme song comes on while they are gazing at each other and I am just a goner.  Stupid romantic music.

KdramaJen: I really wanted to smack her.  Seriously?  You just escaped death and you are now a wanted criminal.  Do you really think these people are not going to recognize you?  I then had the same reaction as Kmuse.  My brain stopped working the minute they smiled at each other and his big puppy eyes saw her and…  Yeah, it’s fine that she is cosplaying as a nurse.  Whatever it takes to get these two together.

Not Jin Young!!!!!!

CLKYTTA: Why did they kill off Jin Young? They saved Guard Kim, why couldn’t they save Jin Young and let our Flower Boy Trio live happily ever after?  I expected Guard Kim to go all noble idiot and die, I did not see this happening to Jin Young.  Was it because he was too strong for the story and we all loved him and are rooting for him to have his own leading role?  I’m not bitter, can you tell?

Drama Geek: His death was so pointless. His grandfather was being exposed at that very moment. Just an hour later and this wouldn’t have had to happen. Plus, I feel like Jin Young’s character was way smarter than this. And it just rankles me that she’s just strolling around with no mask on waiting to be found out again, and that is why he died. I do see why they killed him off. He would be someone who the Kim clan could rally behind and try to take the throne from Prince Bo Gum.I honestly expected him to pop up at the end on the boat or something. Sadly, he did not get a resurrection like Guard Kim.

KMUSE: I was shocked that he died.  Totally was not expecting it at all.  Truly tragic.  But what a wonderful display of his athleticism.  Obviously all of Jin Young’s kpop dancing skills have prepared him to be a sexy action star.  Now we just need the Powers That Be to decide that he needs a leading role that will highlight that strength.

KdramaJen: I did not like this part at all.  I have greatly enjoyed Jin Young in this drama. The bromance was awesome and he just completely sold me on his character.  I was really disappointed that there was not a final bromance moment between the three of them.  This just seemed like a senseless death.  Of course, I suppose with all of his family members being beheaded and sent into exile, then it might have been difficult for all of them to live happily ever after.  Still, though, a final group hug or something would have been nice.

A Whole Lot of Treason (aka The Bad Guys Get Their Just Desserts)


CLKYTTA: I was furious that they ended the Prime Minister’s storyline this way.  All those evil mechanisms and they let him go out like that? I wanted to see him humiliated and hanging from a tree.

KMUSE: To be honest, I felt like this was a total realistic way for his story to end.  Prime Minister lost everything, most importantly his beloved grandson.  I don’t think that he had intentions of committing suicide when he went in Jin Young’s room, but was so overwhelmed with guilt and despair that this is his way of showing his remorse. So often we see villains that cling to life to the bitter end in case things change.  It was nice to see one take his failures seriously and go out in a type of atonement.

Drama Geek: I feel the same way you did CLKYTTA. He never even had to take off his robes. I’m not sure I agree with KMUSE that he felt guilty or did it for atonement. I kind of think he just took the coward’s way out. But maybe he did feel all those things, and I just dislike him too much to see it.

KdramaJen: I am with Kmuse on this one.  I think he did feel remorse at the end.  He lost his position, power, and the hope he had for his grandson.  I think it was a very fitting end.


CLKYTTA: I have mixed feelings about the Queen.  I still hate her, but I can see how she became so twisted.  I want to know what happened to the baby boy.

KMUSE: I was happy with her punishment.

Drama Geek: Seriously, who is raising the Princess? What about the boy? I totally wanted to see Prince Bo Gum and Ra On taking care of the sweet little Princess.

My Girl Crush Cameo!


CLKYTTA: Is anyone getting Splash Splash Love feels?  I squeed so hard when I saw her!

KMUSE: BEST THING EVER!  I need her to be a lead in a drama post haste.  Maybe she and Jin Young should hook up as an OTP.  I could get behind that casting.

Drama Geek: This made me SUPER happy. And it felt like we were finally back to the show I fell in love with.

KdramaJen: LOVED this cameo.  The wink was perfection!

Everyone Gets Their Happy Ever After…….Historical Accuracy be Damned


CLKYTTA: Just taking a moment to fully appreciate King Bo Gum.  Long may he reign!

KMUSE: I love a happy ending.  That said, if they were going to just throw the historical events out the window in the end, why didn’t they just make this a fictional monarch to begin with?  Things would have been so much more satisfactory for me if I wasn’t comparing Prince Bo Gum to his real historical counterpart.

Drama Geek: I have a long standing annoyance with sageuk writers not being able to go outside of the history box, and wanting them to make up monarchies in their stories for this very reason. So if this is a step in that direction, I’m all for it. Long live King Bo Gum and his eunuch Queen!


CLKYTTA: I was really happy with this conclusion.  This girl did NOTHING wrong.  She was too good for the palace and I hope she met some hot foreign prince who worshiped the ground she walked on.

KMUSE: I concur. I am glad she can go and find happiness.  Good for her.

Drama Geek: This is where I wish Jin Young popped up and they floated away on their ship to a foreign land and fell madly in love.

KdramaJen: If they were going to go for the historically inaccurate fairytale ending, then WHY did they have to kill off Jin Young?  They let Guard Kim live.  They annulled the marriage.  They couldn’t reveal that Jin Young faked his death or something?


CLKYTTA: I’m just happy Guard Kim is alive and well.  I could do without the basket on his head though.

KMUSE: Gasp….. I love the basket hats that indicate someone hot and dangerous is nearby.  It is one of my favorite Sageuk looks.

Drama Geek: I’m not sure where else to put this observation but there were two scenes with Prince Bo Gum and both of his friends that totally could have included a kiss between them and it would have been magical. The relationship these three had was complicated and deep. They all cared for each other, and I do wish they’d shown a little more of how the three of them could have defied their places in the conflict and worked together. Sigh, oh well. I’ll just go back to staring at Guard Kim’s hair.

CLKYTTA: This was the best conclusion of all of them. I loved this couple, and I thought it was adorable how he was just so over the top romantic and not ashamed of wanting her more than power.

KMUSE: Gah!  Overwhelmed with cute feelz!  These two are adorable and perfect for each other.

Drama Geek: One of my favorite side couples of all time!!

CLKYTTA: And they go walking off into a field of flowers into the sunset….. I wanted to see a wedding with her flipping up her skirts to show she had on trousers underneath. It was a good ending though.

KMUSE: I think I was distracted on how beautiful the cinematography and their smiles were that I didn’t even notice this was kind of an open ending.  I really do hope they somehow fixed their relationship enough to make it legal.  I don’t see him actually marrying and sleeping with anyone else.

Drama Geek: This last scene was absolutely gorgeous!! I did think before he visited her in the bookstore that all the sudden the eunuchs were going to be in a tizzy and have to run to see what the Queen needed and it would be Ra On in her quarters dressing up like a man and trying to sneak out of the palace.

Final Thoughts:

CLKYTTA: I really liked this drama, but I’m not sure I would have loved it as much if other actors had played Ra On and Prince Bo Gum.  I can’t even remember what the Prince’s real name was, Park Bo Gum totally owned that role. He gave me shivers when he pulled himself up to his full height and gave that regal stare. I really want to see more from some of the actors like Jin Young and Kwak Dong Yeon.

KMUSE: I wish I could go in and maybe cut two episodes worth of filler plot, but on a whole the show left me just feeling happy and I forgot a lot of my issues I had from the last several weeks.  I would highly suggest this drama to those who want to just dramathon 18 hours straight.  I think it would be perfect if you didn’t have time to sit and dissect everything.  It still gets a 8.5/10 from me for pure OTP cuteness.


Drama Geek: This drama had so many great characters and actors that I can’t wait to see in the future. I think this will be looked at as a defining role for Bo Gum. He did well in his other dramas but Reply 1988 was a big cast and everyone did their part. But with this one, the leads carried this show into a 22% final episode. I will remember this show very fondly, and the OTP will be one of my favorites. They had such great chemistry. I will also be on the look out for this director again in the future. So many breathtaking scenes.

I give this show a 9/10 because it’s only downfall was in its genre. Sageuks all have the things that bothered me, so I can’t really fault the show for that.

KdramaJen: The acting in this drama was outstanding.  The chemistry between Bo Gum and Ra On was incredible.  I completely fell for Jin Young in this too.  I really need to see him in a leading role.  Can he please get the girl?  Not a mopey girl, either.  Please hook him up with a spunky one!  Overall, I adored this drama through the first few weeks.  There were a few episodes that didn’t capture me like the earlier ones, but by the end I was fully invested.  I give it props for featuring one of the cutest OTPs I have seen in a long time.


A Princely Death

KMUSE: Before we get into all the tragically sad part of this segment, can we just give some kudos to Bear Princess?  She is such an amazingly bad ass character. I love her so much and now I really want to see this actress in another role.  She rocks.

CLKYTTA: I loved Bear Princess! She was girly enough to want to marry her first love, and she was tough enough to fight for him to the end.  I agree with KMUSE, I really want to see more of her.

Drama Geek: Bear Princess totally rocks. She was both strong and kick ass, and very sweet and lovely with Exo Prince. I will be looking for her in the future.


KMUSE: I cried so much watching this scene.  Not only did I cry the first time I viewed Exo Prince’s death, but also when I snagged these screencaps for the recap.  I might even have a sobbing induced headache tonight.  Who knew it would be because of Prince Exo?

CLKYTTA: I woke up with swollen eyes and I had sad dreams all night.  Dear Exo Prince, you turned into a character worthy of your Bear Princess’ love. This character grew so much, and I was very impressed by his acting at the end.  I never in a million years would have thought I’d sob for Exo Prince, but I sobbed my heart out last night.

Drama Geek: I cried for so many reasons during this scene. It was sad that he’d just finally realized how much he loved her, but at least he showed her that loved even after her death. I also cried because the Korean audience probably won’t really appreciate Baekhyun’s acting since most of them tuned out after the first few episodes. I hope he gets another chance with a much better director to show his skills. He truly touched me in his final moments, and made me feel everything he was feeling. RIP Exo Prince and Bear Princess. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but you will be missed.

KMUSE: Am I the only one that thinks Exo Prince chose to die to save So?  Also to be with his wife, but I think seeing Yo aiming his arrows towards So’s back decided the outcome.  EXO Prince chose to die in order for So to not be punished for defending him.  So much wonderful brotherly love.  Did I mention I cried…. a lot?

CLKYTTA: I think Exo Prince chose to die because he was tired of being a pawn.  He finally had a chance for happiness and Yo the Destroyer ruined it. He was absolutely protecting So, you could tell that by the look on his face.  He knew that he wouldn’t make it, but he had to make sure So did.  Oh Exo Prince! I will miss you so much!

Drama Geek: I think there were many reasons he asked So to finish him off, and one of them was for So’s own protection. I was very touched that he made sure to let So know he regretted what he did at that birthday party. He really did finally become a man at the end.

KdramaJen: I was so happy to see this character’s growth.  EXO prince also seemed to grow into his role.  By the end, I no longer cringed when I saw him on the screen.  Loved Bear Princess too.

Oh Please Ji Soo, Not You Too


KMUSE: It’s official.  Su is the equivalent of catnip when it comes to princes. Unless you are crazy, or So’s BFF brother, or a total weasel (Looking at you Prince I can’t remember.), you fall in love with Su.

CLKYTTA: Prince Ji Soo has become hard and harsh.  I’m not sure that it’s all genuine though.  I think he’s learned how to hide his real feelings and play the political prince games. Indifference and disdain keep the people you love safe.

Drama Geek: On a narrative level I’m sad for where his character has gone, but on a actor level this is where Ji Soo shines. Dark, broody. I love watching him as this prince way more than his goofy earlier incarnation.

KMUSE: On an up note, I love Prince Ji Soo’s new fluffy hairstyle.  That is a serious mane of glory upgrade.

CLKYTTA: Two thumbs way up for Prince Ji Soo’s hair.  It’s swoon worthy.

Drama Geek: Oh, and did I mention I love that dark broody Prince Ji Soo looks fantastic with his new do and the darker clothes they’re putting him in?

KdramaJen: A dark and angsty Ji Soo is how I like him best.

Someone’s Going Crazy

KMUSE: I both loved and hated Yo’s descent into madness.  On an up note, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving Prince.  Also, I was thrilled to see the Dowager Queen’s realization that her puppet son is on the train to crazy town.  The one issue I had is how quickly it happened.  I wish that his personality change had been developed more naturally so I didn’t suffer from a sudden case of character whiplash.  But all in all I will sit back and rub my hands together and shout “KARMA!”


CLKYTTA: I knew he was going to go nutso. I hope he’s been bathing in the mercury bath and eating some kind of loco weed.  Karma is biting this guy hard and I liked how they have him hearing the 10th Prince’s voice.  I want to see him die a horrible death.

Drama Geek: I get that this might jive with history but it does not match his character that the thing that is making him go mad is killing Exo Prince. Seriously, he’s never shown any kind of love for his brothers. I would believe him being paranoid over everyone taking the throne from him a lot more. But it is pretty great seeing him finally get what he wants and then spiral into madness. It also makes me worry for anyone that sits on that throne. Two kings in a row have gone coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.

I 100% Support Smokey Bedroom Eyes

KMUSE: Prince So with his super sexy bedroom eyes guyliner is my new favorite type of So.  Dear heavens that man is beautiful.

CLKYTTA: He is pure perfection.  Those eyes are devastating enough, but when they are framed like this, they are deadly.  That sound you hear is the swooning of a million fangirls.

Drama Geek: Talk about bedroom eyes. He was just so swoonworthy in this scene.

KdramaJen: Yeah.  I watched this scene more than once.


CLKYTTA: Finally, a real kiss and a real confession from both of them!

KMUSE: I am glad that Su and So were finally honest with each other.  I just wish I wasn’t always waiting for So’s path to the throne to ruin what they have.

Drama Geek: I was expecting this because the internet kind of spoiled it, but it was still super satisfying and I loved every minute of these two together.


Behold, the symbolic candle that indicates that someone got some bow chica wow wow!  This one is for you Drama Geek.

KMUSE: Ha.  I couldn’t resist adding the magical candle that snuffs out the second someone is getting some action.  Drama Geek had to wait hours for me to watch episode 16 so she could laugh about it, so it had to be added to today’s MOG.

Drama Geek: Haha. In the present the lights just get turned out but I actually think it’s poetically romantic that the candle is blown out when sexy times are happening in the past.


KMUSE: This was such a nice interlude from all the politicking.  Not that I don’t enjoy the politicking, but we still have to have a little bit of OTP development.

CLKYTTA: These two deserve some happiness.  I’m glad they’ve had a chance to have some real alone time together.  He keeps looking at her like she’s the most precious thing. I love when writers put a scene like this in.

Drama Geek: Why can’t they run away and have night after night of candles going out? I loved the way he gazed at her, and was very happy that she’s the one that kept pushing him. He needed this small piece of happiness.

I Just Can’t Wait to be King

KMUSE: I think that this episode is the moment that Su becomes #2 in Prince So’s life.  Not that he doesn’t still love Su and want her to be his wife, but if it came down to it, I think he would choose the throne over her.  Something broke in So when Eun died and it changed his priorities.  As one 1/2 of the OTP I feel sad.  As a fan of strong rulers in sagueks I am thrilled that we are finally getting to the nitty gritty of putting So on the throne.

CLKYTTA: I think this is where the “for the greater good” part of sagueks kicks in.  He has become more than just a man in love with a woman.  Now he’s a man who needs to get rid of a tyrannical ruler and save a country.  I think she will make him choose, and that’s going to suck.  History isn’t going to change, no matter how much she wants it to.


Drama Geek: Can’t he have his cake and eat it too? I agree that something broke in him when Eun died, and that being among the people who were building the new palace just solidified his resolve. The nation of Goryeo needs him, and he’s let his love for Su hold him back for too long. Eun is dead because he let Yo control him. I just hope that he continues to keep his sanity once he becomes king.

Our Thoughts:


KMUSE: Dear EXO Prince, your death has touched this fangirl’s heart.  So much so that I demand you get another chance in a different drama.  Maybe something like a slice of life rom-com.  Is there a petition I could sign requesting that you star in the next Answer Me drama?  I think that you just need a different director and a touch more experience to shine like the star you are.

CLKYTTA: Oooh, KMUSE, that would be perfect!  I’d love to see him do a couple of little web dramas to get more experience too.

Drama Geek: Here here. Exo Prince. You did the impossible and made me love you in the end.


CLKYTTA: Nothing is going to be the same after this. We will miss you Exo Prince and Bear Princess!

KdramaJen:  Farewell to the EXO Prince.  I am grateful there will be no more puppet shows or awkward attempts to share marbles and bits of string, but I am sad that we lose the opportunity to see the man he became after giving his heart to Bear Girl.  As we come into the final stretch, I do just want to remind Su that she came from the future.  Why is she so complacently accepting everything?  Where is her spunk?  This is the girl who beat up EXO prince and went after bandits with only a rotted log in her hands.  Why are we not seeing this side of her any longer?  Su, listen carefully.  You are a modern woman.  They need to hear you roar.

This concludes our recap of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.  This drama will be missed. We will of course continue on with Scarlet Heart and hopefully upcoming Sagueks will be worthy enough to join us in our Mane of Glory recaps.

Til next week,

The Fangirls



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  1. I would just like to bitterly point out that in the manhwa of Moonlight Through Clouds our boy Jin Young (or whatever Kim his character was) did NOT die & I do believe did show up on that ship 🙁 🙁 🙁
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