Shopping King Louie Episode 9: Trapped


How much did I love that my episode began with a replay of the kiss? So, so much. It gave me a legitimate excuse to squee in my recap. Little did I realize there would be plenty more reasons before episode 9 ended.

I felt a sense of foreboding as the revelation of Louie’s past life loomed. Would our adorable puppy time be finished? Would we be trapped in a melodramatic mess from here on out? Silly me. I should have more faith in our shopping king.

A kiss to build a dream on


What is it about Gukkie’s kisses that makes a girl wanna daydream? I even went back and studied some of his older onscreen liplocks. For research purposes, of course. The fountain kiss in Reply 1997. The Sling Kiss in High School King of Savvy. Even his music video “Seasons of the Heart” (Check it out. It’s sad, but there’s multiple kisses. So, who cares).  After my investigative study, I pinpointed some defining characteristics. He’s assertive, but tender. Manly, but innocent. Passionate, but sincere. This guy treats a lady like she’s made out of the finest, delicate crystal. Is that a learned trait or was he born with it? Either way, I tip my hat to his technique.

It’s midnight, at last

Our chaebol Cinderella finally found his way home. Well, technically he was kidnapped, but the identity cat is now out of the bag. Louie reacts to the news of his considerable wealth with unsurprised acceptance. He always sensed he was wealthy. His main concern is calling Bok Sil and sharing the news with her. Bless him!


Poor Bok Sil takes the news harder. She can feel the distance growing between them and struggles to live in the empty apartment without him. Memories haunt her as she relives all their happy moments together. Thus the episode’s title song comes into play, “Can’t Smile Without You”. The music editor for this show must have been raised in an English speaking country. The familiar, yet uncommon songs they choose add so much to the scenes.

Meanest/Funniest practical joke ever


Butler Bestie has a mean streak. Louie’s first question when he awakens in the lap of luxury is, “Am I married?” Sooooo sweet. Yes, that IS the most important question, Puppy. He waited with baited breath for the answer and we both gasped at the same time when Ahjussi informed him he had a wife and 3 children in France. Oh, and you’re also 40 years old. Pwahahaha. Louie fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Methinks someone is getting a little payback for all those drink-your-tonic chases around the chateau grounds.

Roll out the red carpet

That scene on the carpet-covered stairs was like K-drama catnip. My stream of consciousness during the whole thing went something like this:


Wah. So cool!


Haha. She’s walking around it.


Wait . . . it’s only episode 9. Isn’t this more like a finale reunion moment?


This better not be a fake-out dream!


Another kiss! Already? Yeeesssssss!


Me too, Ahjumma. Me too.

Where can I get one of those?


Think about it. If cartoon clouds followed us around like in the dramas, it might make everything simpler. You’d know who to avoid. And others would know when to avoid you. This could save a lot of confusion. Especially for men. I had one of those typical text conversations with a male this week who didn’t read between the lines like I was expecting him to. Didn’t he get what I was saying? Even if I wasn’t outright saying it! Where was my cartoon raincloud when I needed it?

Don’t stop believin’


Speaking of storms. I know the forecast looks gloomy with a chance of major angst for next week. Hot Cop informed Bok Sil that her brother died in place of Louie in that accident, and she is understandably upset. Is the cute finally over?

I don’t believe Bok Nam died in the car wreck any more than Louie did. I’m betting it’s all circumstantial evidence, assumptions, and no DNA tests again. The obvious “My brother is dead because of you” turmoil will probably follow. But if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that Louie and Bok Sil’s relationship is a two-way street. Bok Sil cares for Louie no matter what ridiculous and stupid decisions he makes. And Louie clings to her like his very life depends on it. He needs her. She needs him. I’m crossing my fingers that they won’t be parted long.

My thoughts:

Did Seo In Guk gain weight filming this show? I know this has nothing to do with the main plot, but I’ve been wondering for weeks now. It seems like every episode we see him stuffing his cheeks like a chipmunk storing nuts for the winter. That fantasy sequence where he licked the bread just cracked me up. It’s weird and adorable. Just like everything else in this show. The pitch remains light and happy without being shallow. I don’t know how they do it. But I’m trapped in this cashmere-soft confection of a story and I’m ready to snuggle in for more, more, more!


Until next time, keep the K-love alive!


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  1. “I’m trapped in this cashmere-soft confection of a story and I’m ready to snuggle in for more, more, more!” Perfect description of this sugary sweet drama. I love all the scenes of them together – seriously good stuff. Just what I need to lift my flagging spirits. I hope they aren’t kept apart for too long.

  2. I am going to adopt Mari. She is so funny. Imma keep her in an aquarium and watch her rain and thunder. It´ll be Mari and Me Season 2. LOL

    Seriously THE funniest second female lead since Protect the Boss and surpassing it totally. With the help of CGI but…

    also, Cyborg Kim, if I get an artists´ block before an impending exhibitoon, can I borrow your imagination for a few days?

    I prefer to TRUST Louis, cause thats what he´s been saying and I think it will be THE answer to the doubts and secrets. He said: “I am going to get my memories back and find your brother, Bok Shil. Trust me!”

    refraining from thinking about the red carpet scene cause I dont know if I will be in working condition tomorrow if I do. I get a Roger Rabbit reactions with all my screws loose, it is too much to handle!

  3. Inguk didnt gain weight n he look slim n younger. He had trouble with rhe eating scenes. Dry toast m binegar taste coz of the ketchup. . N for jjajangmyun scene he even end up puking again coz of indigestion. Was heartbroken here him confessing the details

  4. Oh i just love the red carpet scene…it was beautiful! Nobody does it better but Louieyaah…the couple knows their love for each other…and the kiss…is so heart fluttering… also the best quotable quotes of “what shall i do” by Louie is killer…haha, lastly my outburst reaction; “Bok Nam is not dead”!…til next eps.

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