Kmuse’s Musings: A Morning of Kpop Comebacks

.;a1a2s.pngI started the morning off like any other.  I dumped the kids at school at an ungodly hour (what?  No one should be forced to wake up before 9.) and shuffled back into the house debating on whether I should just fall back into bed.  Instead, I opened up my twitter account and was overwhelmed with visions of a blond Roy Kim in various bright colored screenshots and now here I am.  Inspired to discuss, not just one, but three Kpop comebacks.  So join me as I chat about my thoughts regarding the newest MV’s by Roy Kim, Twice, and VIXX.

**Note** To watch the MV’s discussed look at the end of each segment for the full video.

**2nd Note** I dragged CLKYTTA into the Kpop hole with me for this post so you get double the fangirl reaction!

KMUSE: Let’s start off the list with probably my least favorite MV out of the three.  Or more accurately, my least favorite song.  In the MV we see the nine members of the girl group TWICE zapped by an alien ship and continue to try and woo the blue visitor from outer space in true South Korean fashion.  In other words, the stalk the guy to the nth degree until he is forced to flee and they come back to normal.

CLKYTTA: This was my least favorite also, but I’m not really a TWICE fan.  I was a lot more excited for the other videos on this list.


KMUSE: I will start with the positive points to this song…. mainly, the MV is bright, fun, and engaging.  I also appreciate that they manage to give all the girls their moment in the spotlight to look youthful and cute.  Something that can be difficult with a group this large.

CLKYTTA: The video was fun with all the surprise pops of color and I enjoyed the Men in Black reference.


KMUSE: Now for a few negatives.  I like segments of the song.  Especially after I have listened to it more than once.  However, there are a few parts that just grate on my ears which is why this will probably never be a favorite of mine.  Also, I feel that the use of finger and hand hearts was a bit excessive.  So much agyeo which when multiplied by nine, can be overwhelming.

CLKYTTA: While it was nice to see all the members showcased, this video felt like it lasted forever.  There was just too much going on.

KMUSE: ROY KIM IS FLIPPING ADORABLE!  That is really all you need to know about his new MV Egoist.  OK. OK.  He is also extremely talented and the song is one that I will be promptly adding to my kpop playlist.

CLKYTTA: I loved this video and song.  I am also going to add this to my playlist.  The song had me humming along and head bobbing.  This may be my start of summer jam!


KMUSE: This is the absolute perfect song for summer and the MV reflects that.  The bright colors and light airy sound just make my soul jump for joy.  Not to mention that Roy Kim and his stalker are highly enjoyable viewing.  Ha.  Stalking is alive and well in South Korea Kpop MVs today.

CLKYTTA: The stalker theme here was so cute.  It kind of had that elementary school vibe where she’s so excited to see him and he just doesn’t know what to do.  I loved all the facial expressions and the hula dancing.

KMUSE: I also think that whoever chose all the extremely flamboyant outfits deserves a shout out.  Kudos to you for going forward with all that orange.  It just so happens to be my favorite color so this Fangirl gives the wardrobe two thumbs way up.

CLKYTTA: I’m over here nodding my head off in agreement.  The outfits in this video are fantastic.  I want that dress, seriously, it’s so cute!


KMUSE: There are no stalkers in this MV, but it might inspire me to become a stalker myself.  Sexy Japanese inspired VIXX combined with the use of fans is a combo that this fangirl can’t resist.  I also love how color-saturated the MV is.  It is a feast for my eyes to see so much pretty.

CLKYTTA: This was the one I was the most excited about.  I love VIXX and their videos are always so interesting. This one didn’t disappoint.  I loved how everything flowed, the fabrics, the water, the fans, it was a visual feast.


KMUSE: As a song, this isn’t my favorite VIXX sound, but I can appreciate what they were going for.  While I might not search it out, I wouldn’t fast forward past it either.  In conclusion, if I watch this MV again, it will be for the sexy fans and pretty visuals.

CLKYTTA: When I’m watching a VIXX video I’m always distracted by the story and pretty visuals, so I have to either watch or listen, I can’t do both.  So I’ve watched this one several times already so I didn’t miss anything.

KMUSE: Oooh, and on one last note, I can’t wait to see them perform this song live.  Is it too much to ask that the fans make an appearance?

There you have it.  My morning in a nutshell.  When all is said and done it was well worth the lack of sleep to watch all the comebacks in order to share them with my readers.  Hope they bring as much joy to your day as they did to mine.  As always, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and I hope to see you back soon for the next Kmuse’s Musing.

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