Podcast Episode 6: Netflix and Kdramas – The Struggle is Real

Join The Fangirls in this mini podcast as they discuss the pros and traumatic cons of Netflix releasing kdramas in the US,  as well as The Fangirls’ plans for binge watching the recently completed drama Prison Playbook.

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Prison Playbook Recaps

Prison Playbook Drama Discussion Event

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 6: Netflix and Kdramas – The Struggle is Real

  1. what are the store links exactly?

    I for one was about to lobby if Hwayugi was a netflix exclusive…thankfully Viki picked it up but I’m not a fan of them taking away our dramas and holding them hostage for a few months! I wish they could simulcast…then I’d be happy about the Netflix deals as would everyone else.

  2. I think Netflix just doesn’t think people “in the US” will want to live watch a subtitled show. They seem to treat them like any other foreign show that they buy in one fell swoop, like something from the BBC or Sweden.

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