Kmuse’s Musings: The joy of being sick and a drama addict.

It is the middle of flu season and I am sure we have a lot of readers who are, or will be, stuck in bed and ready to do some serious drama binging.  So join me as I explain some of the rules of flu binging and my suggestions to get you past this miserable time in your life.

I have noticed that what show I am craving also depends on what my illness is.  The more feverish, the sillier the show can be.  So let’s split the recommendations by illness.

Flu – High fevers and lot of naps make this the hardest one to fit in a dramathon.  So in order to successfully utilize the time you are awake, you need something that is easy to comprehend and if you fall asleep you won’t feel you will have missed much.

  • Full House (Thailand) –  This drama is light, fluffy, and has sizzling chemistry that goes on for hours.   It was my introduction to Mike and Aom and they remain one of my all-time favorite OTPs (one true pairing) even years later. 
  • Ho Goo’s Love – This is one of those dramas that has a leading man that is so darn cute.  I think he would make anyone feel better just by watching him be adorkable and in love.  To the point that I think we can declare that Choi Woo Shik can be classified as medicinal. 
  • Go Princess Go – There is no time better to watch a drama where a modern man almost drowns, gets sent back in time (as a woman), and falls in love, than when you are sporting a fever.  Trust me, not being able to focus on the logistics of the plot will help you binge right through this one.  Not to mention all the beautiful colors and clothes can soothe your fevered mind.

Cold – That illness where you are sick enough to stay home and ignore reality but still functioning enough that you can focus in on a good plot.

  • Incarnation of Money – Written by one of my favorite writers, Incarnation of Money mixes humor and revenge to create the perfect drama escape.  And while I am not a huge fan of the leading lady’s fat suit, it is a small part of the show as a whole so I can ignore it.
  • Marriage, Not Dating – This drama will make you laugh so much you won’t have time to cough.  Compromised of a hilarious scene after hilarious scene, you will be feeling better before you know it.
  • The Disguiser – Hu Ge and Wang Kai are reunited and along with Jin Dong they make up a trio of double spies that fight for the independence of China.  A thrilling suspense drama that will take your mind off of all your woes.

Fake Sick – Where you are just done with dealing with real life and want to stay home and watch a drama. Prepare your best fake cough while calling into your boss and let the dramathon begin.

  • King of High School Savvy – There are very few Seo In Guk dramas that are not completely bingeable.  However, this is the one I want to rewatch the most right now so it is added to the list for you to watch!  #SeoInGuk4Ever
  • Answer Me 1988 – This is one of my favorite dramas of all time.  I even watched it while it aired and then halfway through started watching it again with a kbestie.  We ended the first and second watch at the same time.  Now that is a sign of an amazing drama.  This slice of life story of friendship during the 80’s is time well spent for someone playing hooky.
  • Nirvana in Fire – My favorite Chinese drama of all time is a must watch.  At least in my opinion.  The plot is so good that it is easy to binge watch this drama straight through (Well almost…because if you do watch it straight through, you might become really sick since a body needs sleep.)

There you have it.  A list of dramas that are perfect for whatever illness you might have.  Take note that several of the shows have links to further posts that can help you decide if this is the next drama for you.  Just click on anything that is highlighted in blue for more info!  Also, share what dramas get you past your sick days in the comments!

Feel better soon,


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6 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: The joy of being sick and a drama addict.

  1. Love these suggestions! I always hold binge-options up to the time my whole family sequentially went through having the “real” flu (one daughter had to come home from college to be sick & then we all went down like dominos) and I watched all four seasons of Battlestar Gallactica – mostly while sobbing my heart out.

    Since I like to be very emotionally overwrought while binge watching, my choices start with The Devil/Lucifer (2007) with my favorite trio of Shin Min Ah, Uhm Tae Woong, and Joo Ji Hoon. Mistakes are made but we still hope for redemption for almost everyone.

    Old favorite Scarlet Heart (the Chinese original) can take me through a long bout of stomach flu with both joys and tears. The still-beautiful but poorly written Scarlet Heart: Ryeo would be suitable for an early sickness that will only be cured by hours of sleep – maybe while on cold medicine. That’s the only way you can really uninhibitedly love Li Goon Ki chewing up the scenery . . .

    Sometimes, I can only wish for subtitles while I’m drowsing on the edge of recovery. Try watching the oh-so-slowly fan subbed Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You (on YouTube) – it’s lovely, an odd mash-up of sci-fi and history and the main characters are painfully conflicted (one is a monk from the get-go!) that you can just float along on their sad journey. Warning: the drama has a second season that isn’t released yet so you won’t get resolution for about a year.

    I’m recovering from a knee injury so while I’m icing, I may go watch a bit of Go Princess Go to cheer me up . . .

    • I have been wanting to rewatch City Hunter and I Hear Your Voice. Maybe I need to get “sick” and call into work so I can binge one of them 😉

  2. i seem to have hit a wall after binging.. looking for the next thing to watch but nothing seems to catch my attention and I have seen quite a lot on your list already:) Any suggestions please.. i really want to watch something haha

    • Did you try in not a robot. That is fluffy bingeable. Maybe try return. I can’t stop watching despite them all being horrible human beings

      • i tried but i’m not a fan of Yoo Seung Ho so I dropped it. :/ i’m waiting for Are You Human Too especially after you guys shared that awesome trailer though not too sure about the premise since it seems to be a story about an actual robot and a human? That said, my k-drama count is still zero for now.

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