Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Episodes 23 & 24

Our Kmuse is on vacation this week so I’ll be filling you in on all four episodes. While she’s enjoying some much-needed downtime, I’m over here with all the questions! The secret is out, but can Yeon Seo handle that Angel Dan is an angel? What about our scheming Kang Woo? Will he toss Angel Dan under the bus in order to have Yeon Seo for himself? Can Angel Dan and Yeon Seo be together and no one dissapate or die?

He Tried to Tell Her

Yeon Seo’s memory returns, but it’s kind of fuzzy. She didn’t faint, she was kidnapped! She remembers everything, including Angel Dan’s angel wings and flying through the air. She just undid all of Sunbae’s work. Sunbae is so dramatic too! Now that the truth is out though, Yeon Seo and Angel Dan have to deal with it. The more Angel Dan tries to explain, the madder Yeon Seo gets. It boils down to trust and she doesn’t think he trusts her.

The Role of an Angel

Yeon Seo is being petty and telling Angel Dan she will ignore him. Yeah that’s going to work. What does this mean for them? She sits and ponders what happened. He asks if she wants him to stay the night because he’s worried about her. She drags him to the church. This girl needs answers and she’s not going to let a little thing like Sunbae hiding get in her way! Sunbae’s been had! He has no choice but to deal with an irritable and irate Yeon Seo. I love how she’s grilling him about everything.

Never Deceive Me Again

I love Yeon Seo so much! She’s not taking anything from anyone! Sunbae tries to start spouting nonsense and she calls him out on it. She tells him to not deceive her again. Both men, I mean angels, are shaking in fear of her. She wants more details on his mission and she is appalled that he was sent to find her rib. Their bickering is so cute that even Sunbae is giggling. Well, until he’s yanked back to account for what has happened.

Hey Honey, Our Daughter is a Killer

Evil Aunt asks her husband what his life goal is and he says he wishes they could move back to the country and raise onions. She gives him the look. Maybe now isn’t the right time to say that their oldest is trying to murder her cousin? Evil Aunt looks in in Cunning Cousin while she is asleep. She asks Cunning Cousin who the man is that is her right-hand man. Cunning Cousin says to pretend she doesn’t know. Evil Aunt tells her it’s all her fault and not to do anything without telling her first. She’s going to take the fall for her daughter. This can’t end well.

Butler Jung is No Fool

Hottie Minion calls Cunning Cousin and lets her listen to Butler Jung as she talks to one of the informants. Butler Jung says to give up and then everyone hangs up. Only, then Butler Jung throws Informant’s phone in the water and tells him that the other guy is dead. She’s figured out someone is listening to them. Yeon Seo has a plan. She knows she doesn’t have enough evidence so she is buying some time. They have Mr. Park and now his wiretapped phone isn’t an issue. Except, Yeon Seo finds out that Butler Jo knew there was something wrong and she thinks Mr. Park played a part in his death.


Angel Dan takes Yeon Seo to a fountain to see rainbows. He is trying to comfort her. He also gives her his metal tin box full of memories from when he was a boy. She recognizes the box. He tells her his biggest secret. He’s the boy. He reminds her of his promise to grow up and protect her. He says he thinks he was sent to her to keep that promise. He thinks she’s angry, but she’s not. Oh this is so bittersweet.

Did You Fail Your Mission?

Yeon Seo is asking the same questions I am. Did he fail his mission? Now what happens? He reassures her that he has a plan. The problem is that his plan is to ask Kang Woo how he became a human. Now we have an interesting twist, Kang Woo went from angel to human and Angle Dan went from human to angel. Kang Woo tells him that the only way he can become human is for Yeon Seo to die. Only an angel who has received true love can become human, it’s about sacrifice. Well, that’s just great, and NOT the answer any of us want.

Ni Na gets threatened

Mr. Park leaves a note in Ni Na’s locker telling her that she needs to stop her mom. To add to her stress, Yeon Seo says the accident from three years ago won’t happen again. They are testing Ni Na to see if she’s a part of the big plan to hurt Yeon Seo. The other ballerinas meet with Yeon Seo and show her the gifts they were given to vote against her. It looks like Ni Na will have to choose sides.

Yeon Seo turns down Kang Woo

Yeon Seo turns down Kang Woo and that slimy piece of junk tells her that Angel Dan isn’t human. He’s so patronizing! Ugh! She tells him he doesn’t stand a chance at all. Yes! Kang Woo is such a jerk. I get it, he lost the love of his life, but all he does is spread grief and mistrust. The parallels between Yeon Seo and Giselle are starting to become more clear and no one is happy about that.

It’s Hard to Deny When There is Evidence

Mr. Park drops off a written statement and some files for Butler Jung. They are now going after Evil Aunt. Ni Na is just about to confront her Mom about her note when the doorbell rings and Yeon Seo shows up. Cunning Cousin tells Hottie Minion to lay low, but instead, he runs into a very angry angel. He finds himself out in the rain, blindfolded, and tied to a pole. Hottie Minion has conveniently kept a box with all sorts of incriminating evidence. Yeon Seo reads a statement proving that Evil Aunt worked to keep her from getting her eyes fixed. She also has proof that Evil Aunt tried to buy off the ballet corps.

End on a Good Note

Oh, Yeon Seo is super scary as she faces down her aunt. Ni Na is in tears because that’s what she does best. Angel Dan picks up Yeon Seo at the door and she tells him they need to just stay inside and not get their feet wet. She knows he can’t be out without his wings appearing. We have a super sweet moment between them, but we all know that can’t last, right? Both Angel Dan and Yeon Seo are worried about the future and if there is a future for them.

Asking For a Miracle

He calls Yeon Seo out for a meeting. She tells him she will love Angel Dan as long as she has him. Kang Woo tells her that Angel Dan will dissipate. That he will be punished for loving her. Oh, Kang Woo, you are such a sparkling ray of sunshine and I wish you’d dissipate. Now Yeon Seo knows that if Angle Dan fails his mission the ending isn’t good for either of them. Angel Dan is asking for a miracle from God. He just wants to be with her any way he can. They love each other so much that it makes my heart break.

Final Thoughts

I’m still dying to know what the connection is between Cunning Cousin and Hottie Minion. Also, Hottie Minion’s real name is Lee Je Yeon and I’ve fallen hard for him (don’t you love when you find new actors and actresses you enjoy watching!). L continues to perform way above my expectations in this role. He makes me laugh, cry, and want to hug him. I’m really hoping that the writer(s) find a way to give us a happy ending.

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