Top 5 Kpop MVs: These Bops Have Seoul!

I feel like the comebacks have been non-stop for the last few weeks — I can barely catch my breath before another one drops! Come see the new groups who have surprised me with their sound, and the 2nd gen group that I am SO GLAD to have back on my screen!

SHINee – “Don’t Call Me”

Oh, SHINee, don’t ever change. The outrageous outfits, the sharp choreography, the ethereal harmonies — THIS is what got me into kpop and I’ve missed it. What a comeback!

ONEUS – “Rewind”

Sometimes I want to be really inarticulate and just yell “YAY MORE ONEUS!” Maybe I will.


MCND – “Not Over”

MCND is one of those rookie groups that keeps grabbing my attention. Their entire last album, MCND Age, was a delight for the ears, and the trend continues with “Not Over”. Check it out!

ONF – “Beautiful Beautiful”

I am in LOVE with this bop from ONF. It’s got a slick, commercial feel to it, but that “rum-bum-pum” hook elevates it to earworm status, and I’m happy to have it there. Also, listen for the acapella elements — they’re subtle, but they’re there!

GHOST9 – “Seoul”

GHOST9 hasn’t been around long, but I’m not sure I would know that from this song. They have a nice, unified sound and solid choreography — it looks like these trainees have finally found themselves in a group that clicks! And I adore the whole MV — it’s a great anthem to the energy of the city.


Buckle up, music fans, because I have a TON of bonus tracks for you!

IZ – “Say Yes”

Miatamama found this for me and I was live-messaging her my responses to it as I listened. She may have laughed when I texted her: “THERE ARE GUITARS!” What can I say? I’m a rock girl at heart, and IZ has beautiful, wonderful, dramatic guitar instrumentals paired with their vocalist’s expressive voice. 

AboutU – “Time to Shine”

HEY LOOK. MORE GUITARS! There’s something elemental in AboutU’s sound, and I love it. They have the grittiness and passion of a garage band, with the slick looks and wardrobe of an idol group. Yi Soo’s vocals are PERFECT. 

KROM – “Step” feat. EK

One listen and I fell for KROM’s voice. The quality beats and backup vocals add to the depth he brings to the song, and it’s worth listening to on repeat. Trust me — I know. 

Dream Ft. PmBata – “Roadtrip”

Raise your hand if you know someone who is OBSESSED with Minecraft YouTubers. Yep, I have a few in my house too. But it was a pleasant surprise to have my kid spring this little number on me, created by their favorite YouTuber Dream. It’s got the feel of a well-produced indie track and would fit in the kpop genre handily. Y’know, if it was in Korean. Enjoy!

That was a LOT of videos, music fans, and I still have more for you! But they’ll have to wait until my next post. Until then, stay well and keep your ears happy!

Until the next MV drops, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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