Doom At Your Service Recap: Episode 6

This drama continues to circle around our main OTP and the will they won’t they romance. And while I’m usually annoyed by dramas that circle the same plot point over and over, if it has Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young staring intently at each other while it happens, I don’t mind that much.

Changing my mind

Myeol Mang informs Dong Kyung that he wants her to love him. To be the only human to ever love him. This would solve all her problems. He would die, which he seems to want to do, and everyone else she loves would get to live on. Although, am I the only one having a bit of a problem understanding the specifics? The way they talk about her “living.” Does that mean her living past the hundred days or just living up to that point then dying? If it is the former, then that is a big deal. But if she loves Myeol Mang and they die at the same time, then it doesn’t really mean as much when Dong Kyung says she wants to live happily by not killing Myeol Mang since he is a nice guy deep down. Some of my issues might just be that it is awkward translations, but I have struggled through the show, trying to understand exactly what everyone is aiming towards specifically and not just in the broad strokes of a story arc. Whatever the details might be, Dong Kyung is now NOT trying to fall for Myeol Mang.

Flirty Doom

One of my favorite things that happened in this episode was the emergence of flirty Myeol Mang. Most often, it happened because he is trying to convince Dong Kyung to fall for him so he can cease to exist. But there is a sincerity to it that was missing previously when he was sarcastic and unaffected. It is obvious how much Myeol Mang is starting to feel for his human throughout the episode until we get honest to goodness kisses…which we will discuss more later.

Chameleon Doom

We finally learn what people see when they look at Myeol Mang. Which is, something different for everyone. Sometimes he looks like a co-worker if he is hounding Dong Kyung at work. Sometimes it is a super young teenager at the hospital or a blond-haired hottie as seen by Dong Kyung’s brother. We even see Myeol Mang take over the boyfriend of Dong Kyung’s co-worker so he could squash the surprise blind date that Dong Kyung found herself on. It is only Dong Kyung that can see Myeol Mang in his true form, the always sexy visage of Seo In Guk. Am I the only one that is a bit sad we don’t see his various bodies as we go? (Clkytta: Nope, I’m thinking we need the full experience here!)

Just let me find a bad boy

With Dong Kyung deciding that killing off Myeol Mang won’t work, she tries to turn her sights on someone else who truly deserves to die. She first stares at a TV screen where we see a despicable politician who is arrested for something illegal. Dong Kyung chants a mantra of “I love you” over and over, but when Myeol Mang distracts her, she huffs and gives up. We spend the rest of the episode with Dong Kyung asking everyone if they have someone that needs to die that she can fall in love with.

God’s a bit confusing

Just like most versions of God, this world is also very enigmatic and the style of dialogue is not helping the situation. I keep going back and forth about whether God is pro Doom love or setting our OTP up for a very tragic ending. All the while carrying around that dirt-filled pot that sits there as a sinister reminder that love might never bloom. Even if it does, God might decide to destroy the plant (Our OTP’s love) at any time if it doesn’t work for her. Every time she showed up in this episode, the background vibe was almost sinister. Eeek!

Co-OTP story arc

The secondary romance in our drama is just as good as the main, and I, for one, would happily watch a whole drama just with the writer/editor story arc. This week we see Cha Joo Ik making more progress in expressing his interest in Writer Bestie. Joo Ik has convinced her to ditch her old love line story based on his brother and move towards a new leading man who actually has more to promote him than just his pretty face. Obviously, he is thinking of himself as this new leading man.

But old habits are hard to break, and Writer Bestie does end up at the reunion and sees Hottie Cafe Owner. It looks like there are unresolved feelings on his side but will they be reciprocated? Only time will tell.

Rainy kisses

For the last hour, we have watched Myeol Mang chasing after Dong Kyung, flirting and annoying her into reacting. Sometimes it was genuine and sometimes calculated, but always sparks fly between these two. Til finally, in the middle of a surprise rain shower, the two find themselves running for home with no umbrella. As the rain pours down, Myeol Mang talks about how alive one feels while in the rain. For once, it seems like our OTP is on the same page as our sexy Doom God leans in and kisses Dong Kyung. We then are treated to one of the best drama kisses in recent history. The feels are in full swoon as the rain and our OTP’s chemistry combines, and when they separate, you can tell that there are some real feelings involved. Unfortunately, the kiss is broken when Myeol Mang is taken from our leading lady’s side by God who has some different feelings about the shift in their relationship.

Final Thoughts:

As I mentioned earlier, it is a bit hard to follow where everything is going, especially with how the writer chose to use this unique way of setting up the dialogue to make one thing mean multiple things and then explaining the specifics in later episodes. So while I have no clue if Myeol Mang dying would save the world, Dong Kyung, or even if he can die, I am sitting back and just enjoying the ride. This isn’t hard since both of our leads say so much with just a glance. Who needs dialogue when the window to our OTP’s souls is yelling that they are falling in love? The whole impending death will be something I will worry about later.

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5 thoughts on “Doom At Your Service Recap: Episode 6

  1. I’m glad it’s not just me having some difficulties with the translation/dialogue. I’m spending so much time on the subtitles that, once I’ve watched the whole thing and know what’s going on, I plan to rewatch just to sped more time watching the actors acting.

    That was an EPIC kiss scene… that I’ve re-watched 8 times.

    And Doom gets scared and blips himself away? What? That’s not what I saw…. They kissed. God get annoyed at the defect in her system. Doom wanting more but pulling himself away. Doom hearing or feeling “a shift in the universe” or something because he cocked an ear, and then he was gone. My interpretation of that God yanked him away.

  2. Hmmm maybe. Im not convinced that god had anything to do with it. Him backing away while she came forward felt like his emotions were overwhelming him. But we might find out we are both wrong watching ep 7. I’ve noticed that a lot of the cliffhangers go in a different direction then i was expecting.

  3. I’m going to re-watch that scene again. I’ve already watched it 8 times. I’m sure he stepped back after something else caught his attention. He was all in with her on this but he got pulled away, or he took himself away to protect her. I interpreted that as him distancing himself from her for her safety.

    I say he didn’t freak out or chicken out because of the kiss. That’s my perspective.

  4. Based on my understanding, if she breaks the contract (ie by not wishing for doom upon the world), she will live past her 100 days.
    1. In Ep 2, Myul Mang said he will send doom towards the person she loves most instead – the way he said and the motion he made seem to imply that he’s transferring doom (or death, in case) to someone else.
    2. In Ep 3, when Dong Kyung said her plan was to love Myul Mang, that way she can live without losing anything.
    3. In Ep 4, when Dong Kyung asked Jina for advice on falling in love, she said she will tell Jina everything once everything’s sorted. It felt like she will only tell Jina if she manages to survive.

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