Top 6 Kpop MVs: Roll the Windows Down

As heatwaves roll across most of the U.S., we’re not really driving with the windows down. It’s too hot! But whether our windows are up or down, these are the summer songs that are finding their way onto my playlist this week. Check them out and see if they capture the best of summer for you too!

NCT DREAM – “Hot Sauce”

I’m a little behind on this, but oh my GOODNESS, “Hot Sauce” is the perfect summer song. It’s bouncy and spicy and perfect for jamming along to in the car. I love the dusty, muted colors of the MV — it feels a lot like the summers I spent growing up in Arizona. Way to capture the heat, NCT DREAM!

WEi – “Bye Bye Bye”

WEi has done a spectacular job of capturing the beat that just has to be shared with everyone on the road. Pair it with the tropical colors and crisp white shirts of the MV and it’s a refreshing summer watch. Plus, I just love their harmonies. 

Seventeen – “Ready to Love”

Is any summer playlist complete without a ballad? Especially one with a catchy beat that’s all about longing and has the boys dancing in a pastel playground with poignant symbols of love? Seventeen knows what to provide, and it’s a great follow up to their hit from last summer, “Left and Right.”

Onewe – “Rain to Be”

If you need a little break from the heat, “Rain to Be” is the song you want. Onewe is one of my favorite bands for a reason, and this song does not disappoint. I love hearing how their sound is maturing, and their latest album — Planet Nine: Alter Ego — is a work of art from beginning to end.

A.C.E. – “Higher”

How many times can I watch an MV before I look obsessed? Actually, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. I’m loving A.C.E.’s comeback — the song is beautiful, and I’m loving the rich outfits paired with the celestial/nature themes. 

Stray Kids – “애”

More longing and wistfulness! I’m loving this mixtape entry, but I usually do. Stray Kids remains diverse and solid in their musicianship, and I am HERE for it.

BONUS TRACKS from Stray Kids (because why not?)

Bang Chan, Changbin, Felix, Seungmin – “오늘 밤 나는 불을 켜“

Halloween came early, and it’s a little graphic, but I’m loving this song anyway. I mean, how can you not love the night owls’ anthem? I love Stray Kids’ side projects!

Han – “Happy”

Just listen to this song and tell me it doesn’t hit you in the feels. It gets me every time. I wishwishWISH I could find it on Spotify!

What hits are making their way on your list this time, music fans? Let me know!

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