Upcoming Dramas for July 2021

The load is light this month, Hallyu fans, but the dramas are looking good. Come see what you’ll be watching as the hot summer months keep us inside!

The Devil Judge

July 3rd, Viki

Ji Sung (Doctor John), Kim Min Jung (My Fellow Citizens), and Park JinYoung of GOT7 (He is Psychometric) star in a dystopian drama about a strict but mysterious judge turned reality show star who is trying to bring order to society, but is locked in a bitter rivalry with a power-hungry director for a corporate social responsibility foundation.  

The Witch’s Diner

July 16th, Viki

Song Ji Hyo (Was It Love?, Running Man) and Nam Ji Hyun (365: Repeat the Year) are mysterious magical beings who run a diner where the desperate come to get their wishes fulfilled.  

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

July 23rd, Netflix (MOVIE)

If you needed to know more about Ashin, the mysterious woman (played by Jun Ji Hyun, You Who Came from the Stars) that Lee Chang discovered in Kingdom season 2, your wish has been granted!

Police University

July 26th

Cha Tae Hyun (Team Bulldog), Jung Jin Young (My First First Love), and Krystal (Prison Playbook) star in a drama about a detective and a hacker and an upright first-year student who meet at the police university and work together to investigate a case. 

(There aren’t any promotional materials out yet for this drama, so keep an eye on our weekly drama teaser posts to learn more!)

What will you be watching, drama fans? Drop down in the comments below and let us know!

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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Dramas for July 2021

    • Agreed. Am eagerly awaiting the Devil Judge. May have severe whiplash due to watching Protect the Boss though 😀

  1. I have anxiety and panic attacks in my sleep. Sounds dramatic, right? It could be a drama plot. I just need to find some handsome leading man and a sweet supportive man I’ll friend zone, to help me get through this trial in my life.

    So, I like to listen to podcasts all night long. And last night I found yours. I’ve been enjoying, nodding my head, learning new things, and laughing with you girls. I’m seriously impressed with your podcast. I am listening to your 2018 episodes. Keep it up, you’re doing great!

    • Thanks, Kae! We really love sharing our love of dramas, and I’m glad you found us and joined the party. Good luck finding your own leading man and supportive friend-zone bestie!

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