Drama Teasers of the Week

The dramas being released this week are anything but lighthearted, drama fans. Are you ready for celebrity politics and murder mysteries? If so, these dramas are the ones you’ve been looking for!

The Devil Judge

July 3rd, Viki

Ji Sung (Doctor John), Kim Min Jung (My Fellow Citizens), and Park JinYoung of GOT7 (He is Psychometric) star in a dystopian drama about a strict but mysterious judge turned reality show star who is trying to bring order to society, but is locked in a bitter rivalry with a power-hungry director for a corporate social responsibility foundation.  

You Are My Spring

July 5, Netflix

Kang Da Jung (Seo Hyun Jin, The Beauty Inside) is a rising star in hotel management, getting promoted far faster than her fellow employees. However, her dating life is a mess because she chooses terrible men. Joo Young Do (Kim Dong Wook, Find Me in Your Memory) is a psychiatrist who is an expert at healing other people’s wounds, but still carries his own. The two form a bond when they get caught up in a puzzling murder mystery.  

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