Top 5 Kpop MVs: Delightful Japanese Singles

It’s easy to miss these treasures! Japanese singles aren’t typically marketed to International fans and often slip under the radar of the casual listener. Usually bright and uplifting, JP songs have a sound that is just a bit different than your standard Kpop music. And I always seem to fall in love at first listen – come check out some of my new favorites!!

ATEEZ – “Dreamers”

The MV for this newest ATEEZ song dropped out of nowhere, catching fans totally off guard. The backdrop for the video is absolutely GORGEOUS, the lyrics inspiring, and the combination of the members’ vocals and rap is just beautiful! Each time the chorus hits, I’m up and dancing — ‘Oooh lala, Oh lala…’!

SHINee – “Superstar”

Maybe, like me, you’re missing Taemin right now? If so, this lovely little surprise track will totally brighten your day! Bouncy and a little funky, this song is a total summer groove. Side-note: as a ’90’s teen, I loved the nod to Dance, Dance Revolution.

Seventeen – “ひとりじゃない (Not Alone)”

Love, love, love the upbeat vibe and bright colors of this MV! And all the smiles!! The message of the song is sweet too – we’re never alone as long as we have good memories to keep us company. 

BTS – “Film Out”

Admittedly this is a bit more melancholy than your typical JP-Kpop song. But the haunting melody combined with the emotional MV brings all the feels and should not be missed! No matter the language of the lyrics, BTS always brings us the best music.

Stray Kids – “ALL IN”

This may be a Japanese single, but Stray Kids bring all their usual power and sassy, quirky fun to this song and video! Also, their choreography during the chorus is fantastic – I’m definitely all in on this track!

Bonus Track: TXT – “Everlasting Shine”

In the same way that the new ATEEZ song “Dreamers” is being used for the closing credits of the JP anime series Digimon, TXT’s track “Everlasting Shine” was also featured as the opening theme for the JP anime series Black Clover. Sadly, they never made a MV for it, but the song itself is too good to pass up on! 

What do you think of Japanese language tracks from your Kpop artists? Have a favorite JP single? Share your thoughts and song picks in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop MVs: Delightful Japanese Singles

    • Aaaaahhh!! Yes, Day6 Japanese songs are fantastic!! I already had Finale and Everybody Rock! on my Day6 playlist – I just added Live Your Life too! Thank you for sharing!!

  1. There is something special about Flim Out by bts. Even though I don’t know their language, that song takes me to an magical place 💜🎶
    Will definitely listen to the other songs too. Thanks for sharing!! I’m recently listening to lot of TXT’s songs.

    • Since I have no fluency in Japanese, I really rely on the the song and the flow of the lyrics to draw me in – and you are absolutely correct. . . Film Out is a magical song! TXT has a great discography – happy listening!!

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