Top 6 Kpop MV: A Happy Hodgepodge

Guess what?! D.O. (EXO) is back from the military and I couldn’t be more delighted because he JUST dropped his first solo album!! Come check out this fun new title track and some of the other songs that I took a fancy to this past week!

D.O. – “Rose”

This song is so cute and bouncy and D.O.’s sweet smile only adds to the cheery visuals of the music video! I love his voice and am pretty excited about all his ‘B-sides’ as well. I highly recommend checking out his full album, 공감 (Empathy), to enjoy all the chill vibes!

Seventeen – “Anyone”

I’m a casual listener of Seventeen, but when this MV came across my feed, I was totally sucked in. Their smooth and synchronous choreography is always impressive and this song, combined with their racetrack themed styling, does not disappoint! 

Sam Kim – “These Walls” 

Sam Kim’s honey vocals combined with his jazzy, coffee-house vibe makes for a perfect-end-of-day wind down song. Kick back, sip your boba tea, and enjoy the music.

SOLAR & MOONBYUL – “Promise U”

Loving the balance of rap and vocals from these two talented ladies of MAMAMOO. The beautiful tropical rooftop setting is lovely backdrop as well – adding this sunny song to my summer bops playlist!

NIve – “I’m Alive”

I’ve been singing along non-stop with this new song from NIve’s first full album Broken Kaleidoscope. The mix of instruments backing his raw vocals is fantastic. And while I enjoy the song on its own, listening through the tracks on the album (in order) is a powerful journey through song as well. 

Boyhood – “비 (Rain)”

Boyhood songs are always so much fun – I just adore his indie-pop sound! The simple guitar and drum combo for this new single makes for an easy head-bopping rhythm. I love how he wove thoughtful lyrics into this more upbeat tune.

BONUS TRACK: ‘good 4 u’ Covered by Gaho & KAVE

Gaho has a knack for taking popular songs, adding his own flavor and, dare I say, making them even better than the original?! He’s pulling out his inner punk-rocker for this version of Oliva Rodrigo’s hit and I am totally here for it! 

My playlists just keep on growing! What new music are you grooving to this week?



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2 thoughts on “Top 6 Kpop MV: A Happy Hodgepodge

  1. I was pretty hyped up for D.O.’s solo album, and it’s a great album that shows off his range and ability. I know it’s not what a lot of people expected, but the acoustic guitar goes very well with his voice, and as always, he emotes amazingly. Love every song, even when i don’t understand the lyrics.

    • So happy to hear you are enjoying the new D.O. album too! And I totally agree – There was a great range of songs, which have thoroughly delighted me. I’m thankful for the addition of the English version of Rose as well – one song I can understand w/o translations!

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