Top 5 Kpop MVs: Sunshine in the Dark

The MVs that have been speaking to me lately are dark and defiant and we’re not going to read too much into that, okay? But there’s a light in all these shadows, plus a Michael Jackson tribute from one of my favorite groups that you are NOT gonna want to miss.

WayV Ten and YangYan – “Low Low”

Ten’s been dropping singles and collabs like they’re hot. Well, okay, maybe it’s just two, but still. HOT. I’m loving the solid summer vibe of his collab with Ten. Come check out the amazing use of yellow and the danceable melody that has got me totally hooked!


TxT has been given plenty of time to explore and find their sound, and I really like the direction they’re headed. The punk rock vibe of their latest album The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape really suits them. The angst, the black, the rebelliousness — they own it all! (Little bit of a language warning too. Just FYI.)

BXK – “Excuse Me”

BXK is a new group — they just debuted in November of 2020 — but they already seem grounded in their heavy club rock sound. The exclusive use of black and gold in the MV was well done, enhancing the performance instead of distracting from it. Check them out!

Seventeen – “Anyone”

The racetrack and cloudy day concept works for this gritty track from Seventeen’s Your Choice album, which also had the hit “Ready to Love.” It’s driving and somber and focused and I kinda love it.

Omega X – “Omega X”

This baby group (debuted in June y’all) has a sound that is deep and crisp and heavy. They fit right in with the rest of the songs in this post, and you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye on them. 

BONUS TRACK: Oneus – “Thriller” 

HALLOWEEN CAME EARLY!!! This MJ tribute, complete with the iconic red jacket, is everything a Michael Jackson kpop tribute should look like. Check out Oneus’ sharp vocals and their take on the classic choreography!

Share with me, music fans: What songs are you finding yourself drawn to lately? I want to know!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

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