Top 7 Kpop MVs: Choice Covers

You know what I love almost as much as new music?? Cover songs!! It’s so much fun to see an artist take a well-known song, add their own unique styling, and bring something new to the mix! Karie the Maknae shared one of her favorite Gaho covers in last week’s Kpop post, which then got me thinking about all the cool covers I’ve come across this year. So here are a few of my new favorites – check them out!

Kihyun – “Little Bit of Love”

Monsta X always sneaks up on me with their English language songs, and this cover is no exception. Kihyun’s powerful, slightly gritty, soulful voice completely captivated me. And I loved the beautiful ocean backdrop to his rendition of Tom Grennan’s “Little Bit of Love”.

Kun & Xiao Jun – “Beautiful”

Any Kdrama fan will instantly recognize Crush’s song “Beautiful”, from the Goblin OST. And while I am completely in love with original, this cover, from WayV members Kun and Xiao Jun, is positively exquisite! These gorgeous vocals and beautiful harmonies give me goosebumps.

ATEEZ – “Stay”

ATEEZ has a strong track record with covering songs and this rock-version of Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi’s “Stay” is another winner!! Backed by a live band, and interjecting in their own Korean rap sections, they took this already chart-topping song to the next level. I never knew I needed rock-teez in my life, but now I need them to stay! 

Sam Kim – “Butter”

Have you ever wondered what a slowed down, jazz version of BTS’s “Butter” might sound like? Well, look no further! Sam Kim brings his guitar and his coffee-house style vocals to this reimagined version of a fan favorite – and it’s smooth, like butter! 

Onew & Rosé – “Lucky”

Take two-powerhouse vocalists, one famous song from Jason Mraz, and add in a breezy night-time oceanside backdrop and you get one of the loveliest renditions of “Lucky” I’ve come across! I dare you not sway along as SHINee’s Onew and Black Pink’s Rosé perform this beautiful song together.

2Z – “Black Swan” & “Psycho”

2Z might still be rookies, but their covers of popular Korean songs are some of my favorites. I love the rock band sound they interject into their remixes of BTS’s “Black Swan” and Red Velvet’s “Psycho”. I can’t help but want to jam alongside them!

You can never have too much of a good thing! Tell me, music fans, what are some of the best covers by your favorite Kpop artists? Share in the comments below!



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