Top 5 Kpop MVs: A Study in Contrasts

From green groups with solid songs to a very different take on a hit from last year, this week’s top 5 kpop music videos embody a lot of contrasts. Delight your eyes and ears with this new music from Rocking Doll, UP10TION, TRENDZ, Pentagon, and Gaho!

Rocking Doll – “Rocking Doll”

I’ve had Rocking Doll on my playlist for a while, deciding whether I wanted to write about them. It’s easy to see they’re a green group, but what they lack in finish they make up for in conviction. The song is an interesting blend of styles and they perform it well. I’ll be keeping my eyes on them!

UP10TION – “Crazy About You”

What a solid EDM ballad – I’m really loving UP10TION’s sound here, and the MV’s dip into presenting things as a photo album and a home video and so on is a fun new take. I like the use of the different mediums to showcase the message.

TRENDZ – “TNT (Truth&Trust)”

The contrasts in this song make it an interesting listen, and TRENDZ is doing a great job with presentation. I mean, anytime you use flaming roses to set an entire room on fire, things are gonna be interesting!

Pentagon – “Feeling Like”

Oooh, this is a great entry from Pentagon. Including a deep beat paired with fire raps makes for an unexpectedly compelling ballad, and I’m loving it. I love the use of the digital art gallery turned to the background at the end of MV, but I really love seeing how Pentagon has grown in confidence. 

Gaho – “My Universe” cover

This is SUCH an interesting take on BTSxColdplay’s “My Universe” – I wouldn’t have thought to add in jazzy piano solos and set it in one small room, but that’s exactly what Gaho has done, and it’s brilliant and a fantastic contrast to the original. I really, really love it. 

What contrasts are on your playlists, music fans? Drop down in the comments below and share them with me!

Until the next musical study, I remain —

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