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We’ve got lawyers and small town residents and drug kingpins to choose from this week, drama fans! Which ones will catch your eye and make you push play? Check out the teasers after the jump to make your decision!

The Law Cafe

September 5, KOCOWA, starring Lee Seung Gi (Mouse), Lee Se Young (The Red Sleeve)

A law romance drama that depicts the story of Kim Jeong Ho, a former prosecutor who is now a building owner, and Kim Yu Ri, a lawyer with a 4-D personality. The story will focus on the events surrounding a law firm that also runs as a cafe.

Kim Jeong Ho is a former prosecutor and current building owner who used to be known as a “monster genius”. Kim Yu Ri is a lawyer who has a beautiful appearance but is not hesitant to show her fiery personality when witnessing injustice. 

Once Upon a Small Town

September 5, Netflix, starring Joy (Tempted), Choo Young Woo (School 2021), Baek Sung Chul (Inspector Koo)

Han Ji Yool works as a veterinarian in Seoul. One day, he receives a phone call from his grandfather. His grandfather doesn’t mention specifics, but his voice sounds serious. Han Ji Yool decides to go to Heedong Village, where his grandfather lives and runs an animal clinic. There, Han Ji Yool meets police officer Ahn Ja Young. It turns out his grandfather is actually touring Europe. According to the note left by his grandfather, Han Ji Yool has to take over his grandfather’s animal clinic for a half year while his grandfather is away.

Even when Ahn Ja Young was preparing for her test to become a police officer, she wanted to work as a police officer in Heedong Village, where she grew up. She is usually the first one to appear and provide help to residents in need. She helps Han Ji Yool solve inconveniences related to his daily life in the village and they develop a romantic relationship.


September 9, Netflix, starring Ha Jung Woo (Along with the Gods), Hwang Jung Min (Hush), Park Hae Soo (Money Heist), Jo Woo Jin (Happiness), Yoo Yeon Seok (Hospital Playlist)

The life-saving journey of a Korean drug king in Suriname in South America and a businessman who was engaged in a secret operation by the NIS.

What will you be watching, drama fans? Let us know!

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