4 dramas to watch on blustery fall evenings

Those of you who follow the podcast know that I am a huge fan of fall. And the second the fall vibes roll in, I start watching mystery/suspense TV chock full of serial killers, murder, and angst. I am an equal opportunity watcher and will watch anything (from any country) that gives me that murder mystery feel, but this list will specifically be some of my recent favorites from South Korea.

Revenant (Hulu or Disney+ internationally)

One of my favorite shows from this year, Revenant provides all the qualities you need for a spooky fall binge. Kim Tae Ri plays a girl who is possessed by a vengeful ghost, and she must figure out how to get rid of it before it kills everyone she loves. The cast is brilliant, and combined with the stellar story, this drama will keep you engaged from start to end.

My Perfect Stranger (Viki & Kocowa)

Time travel and serial killers are always a good combo and My Perfect Stranger gives you both in spades. Jin Ki Joo and Kim Dong Wook are on a quest to change the future with interesting results. Along the way, they learn a ton of family secrets, learn to have empathy for younger versions of their family members, and create all-around chaos with the timeline. The perfect drama when you want a bit of scary, but you really don’t want something scary.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill (Hulu or Disney+ internationally)

Stalkers, childhood trauma, and hidden killers will keep you watching this drama and trying to guess where the plot is going to go. Add a dash of awkward romance, emotional soul connections, and this will be the fall drama you want to binge if you want killers with that sweet side of romance. It also is one of Yeo Gin Goo’s best romantic roles to date.

Through the Darkness (Viki and Kocowa)

Are you as addicted to true crime documentaries as I am? Then this is the drama for you. Through the Darkness gives us a deep dive into the creation of Korea’s Criminal Behavioral Analysis division. It also gives us the always-sexy Kim Nam Gil as the lead, which is really the reason I started this drama. The fact that it was a super good drama is just a cherry on top of the hot Kim Nam Gil sundae. I feel this was mostly missed back when it aired, so it is the perfect hidden gem to add suspense to your fall evenings.

There you go, a list of perfect dramas to give you the spooky fall vibes you are looking for. Which ones do you want to start? Be sure to let me know in the comments. Also, if you are interested in any of the non-Korean mystery content that I am watching, hit me up on Twitter and we can chat.

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