“Answer Me 1988” Episode 15: When the Warm Fuzzies Attack


I am possibly at the point where it is impossible to come up with specific themes for each episode.  Pretty much we always just have a mesh of wonderful heart touching slice of life stories that highlight the whole neighborhood. It has gotten to the point that I now have a dream that someday I can live next to my kbesties on the same block so we can hang outside our house and gossip while our kids create friendships and fall in love (Hear that Angela and Jen!  You have to convince your hubbies to move to Portland for me.)a01

So rather than anything cohesive you are going to get another jumble of my favorite moments and some random thoughts.  I figure if it works for the drama it can work for me too.  Right?

How awesome was Taek’s father this episode?  Not that he isn’t always awesome, but, this time, he was able to work on some new relationships within the community.


Sun Woo has officially decided he would be OK if his mom moves on, so in a show of support, he invites Daddy Choi out to play catch.  You have to love how Sun Woo was going to go “easy” on him.  Instead, Sun Woo is shocked to discover that Daddy Choi is a great athlete.  His mom warns him never to bet against Taek’s dad since he is good at all sports, games, and such.  Not to mention extremely competitive.  Taek definitely takes after his father in that aspect.


Later we get to see Daddy Choi shine again as he takes care of Sun Woo’s mom.  She was previously mugged and admitted to being scared, walking home at night.  Daddy Choi eases that concern by meeting her where she was mugged and walking the rest of the way with her.  I think that if she hadn’t already been in love, that would be the moment the light bulb turns on.


Jung Bong’s secret romance continues to be a highlight of every episode.  This time, we have our cute Casanova caught by not only Bo Ra but also Dong Ryong over having a girlfriend (although they don’t know who).  Poor Jung Bong is not made to keep secrets.


I even love how awkward the whip cream kiss was in the cafe.  The Secret Garden shout out is always a funny addition to any drama and it was no exception this time.a07.png

One thing I have to wonder at is how Jung Bong is the one getting the most action?  Isn’t it about time that poor Duk Seon gets some skinship from at least one of her two suitors?  Sure she gets those hugs from Taek, but those are almost more of him just passing out on her than anything romantic.


Instead of romance, Duk Seon has other things to worry about.  Such as disappointing her mother about her lack of college options. I don’t know why I am not connecting in with this storyline, but it is one of the few things that makes me go “meh”.  Maybe it is because her lack of grades should not be a shock to anyone (including her parents) so the sudden disappointment that she isn’t college bound just seems disingenuous.  And I felt really bad for Duk Seon on suddenly having that sense of not being worthy because of the college thing.  The way her mother just changed her name back and Duk Seon’s reaction just broke my heart.  I know that the writers are trying to give her a sense of purpose and look towards the future, but again I just say “meh”.


One plot line I  liked much better was Dong Ryong’s.  Dong Ryong is trying to find his place.  Something that is difficult when you have two parents that are not really focused on the parenting part of their lives. Their work has obviously been coming ahead of Dong Ryong’s interest and his actions have been spiraling towards the more dangerous.  First with Dong Ryong’s running away from home (which I still can’t believe they did not notice) and now with his sudden interest on motorcycles.


His injuries were becoming more serious until Dong Ryong wrecks and is taken into the police station for dangerous driving.  All his block buddies come rushing to his aid, arriving just before both his parents.  It broke my heart when he flinched away from his mother, expecting to be beaten.  Instead, she hugged Dong Ryong and asked if he was OK.  I was totally teary eyed at this point and it only got worse when Dong Ryong finally got his mom’s seaweed soup and a bit of time to chat.  I really hope this is a  wake-up call for his parents because he is a great guy and deserves some focus.a06.png

So to finish off this recap let’s take a bit of time to talk about the Block Besties love triangle.  I totally understand the pacing, but that doesn’t mean that I am not anxious for some emotional movement to get started.  Jung Hwan continues to deny his love and only supports and watches from afar.  Something that is frustrating and wonderful at the same time.  I can’t get enough of his longing looks, but at some point, I want him to just put himself out there and let the chips fall where they may.


Taek is also in a hold pattern.  Although Taek does indicate that once his final match (I assume of his current round of matches) is finished he will confess.  I really enjoyed the talk he had with Sun Woo about whether or not Duk Seon would believe him when he told her.  Sun Woo replies that once she is aware of the way he looks at her she will believe.  Love is all about the gaze after all.

a03It is just after this talk that Taek suddenly notices Hwan Jung’s own loving gaze towards Duk Seon.  ACK!  How is this going to play out?  I have come up with a few possibilities that I would be happy with.  Keep in mind that my main focus is making sure that both Hwan Jung and Taek do not end up destroyed.

a1Option #1

The three move to certain Himalayan villages (yes I did indeed google on where this was legal) where they practice Polyandry (the marriage of one woman to more than one man).  They live happily as a threesome until death parts them.  Maybe even move the rest of the block besties there with their families since I really don’t want to see any of the gang split up.

a08.pngOption #2

Taek and Hwan Jung discover that they love each other more than Duk Seon and become a cute gay couple.  Duk Seon moves on with Dong Ryong and their kids go visit their “uncles” every other Saturday so she can go get brunch.a09.png

Option #3

The writers somehow convince me that one of the guys didn’t love Duk Seon as much as we assume and when the time jump eventually comes (don’t think I didn’t notice that social media got their facts wrong about a time jump in ep 15……feeling a bit sad) they move on to a new love interest.

leejehoonAs much as I am nervous over our lovebirds fate, I am looking forward to it as well.  One thing I do wish for is that the writers make Duk Seon’s character a bit more proactive in her own fate.  Right now I get the feeling that she could easily fall into a relationship with either boy.  And while that is a nice change of pace from most kdramas, I do miss that feeling I get from knowing a couple belongs together.a5.png





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  1. Option 2!!!!!!! Seriously, I ship that so hard.

    I feel like she was proactive about her feelings. She spent a lot of time trying to get Jung Hwan to admit he liked her. She woke up early to meet him at the bus, she kept needling him until he went to the concert with her. She used her precious money to buy him that pink shirt. How is that not making her feelings known. Then she misunderstood the pink shirt thing and it was like a cold bucket of water. Once again she thought she had it all wrong and Jung Hwan didn’t like her like Sun Woo didn’t. You can see she’s backed off of him yet she hasn’t stopped liking him. At least this is my interpretation of the events. Of course, these writers love going back and showing things from a different perspective so as far as I know she’s totally crushing on Dong Ryong.

  2. I really love this show. And it would be interesting if Dong Ryong is the husband. Ha! What a difference! I’m now stuck in the middle, only because Taek was such the “go get her” type. Now he knows his friend likes the same girl will he take on the “bros before…” mentality or will he say “I admitted my love first” and go get his gal? The struggle! Can’t wait til episode 17…

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  4. one thing that stuck out to me….when she was crying on the step and taek came up. he didn’t even notice she was upset, he just sort of made it all about him. a typical man thing, i know….but it stuck in my mind. jung hwan is far more attuned to her feelings than taek is.
    taek loves being chittered over by ds, but it’s a mothering thing imho. if his adorable dad (love his hair!) gets remarried there’s a great chance he will have those boxes ticked in a more normal mothering relationship.

  5. also! it doesnt diminish my love for r88 but i have felt a bit hmm, about two things. first, the way ds’ mom handled the college thing; much like you. horrible and seemingly out of character. it was very cold indeed.
    two; the inference that dong ryong’s working parents (particularly his mom but his dad’s no peach either)….are terrible, neglectful parents BECAUSE they are working. the balance working moms try to strike is never remotely entertained; it’s just that antiquated working mom bad mom notion. 1988 may have been a while ago, but it wasn’t the dark ages. it would have spoken volumes for the writers to have addressed it in a far more nuanced way. instead they’ve pretty much thrown his mom under the bus.

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