Monster Episode 11 – Do Ya Wanna Team Up?

6Our four leads have separated into work teams which are the focus of this episode….. There is also more T9 hospital stuff.  But I continue to ignore it.  I will ignore it like a kdrama doctor ignoring ethics.  They just don’t exist in my recaps. s5s.jpg

Ki Tan & Sung Ae

After surviving an army of thugs and a stabbing (and a slightly romantic sewing up of the previously mentioned stab wound) these two characters click.  At least on a professional, we want to combine our manpower and get those slush fund books then go our separate ways, level.  Using the hidden cameras Ki Tan’s team had placed in the Thug’s office, the two plan an attack to get the special USB that hang’s around thugs neck.  They also require his hand to scan and open the hidden wall safe in the office.  Easy peasy.  Or it would have been if the whole building wasn’t on high alert after the last break-in attempt.  With that in mind, they decide to go the seduction route.


The Plan: Sung Ae will work her feminine wiles on head thug and then knock him out in his office.  Taking his necklace USB and using his hand on the safe.   The only problem is that Sung Ae doesn’t really have feminine wiles.  She get’s Ki tan hired at the Thug club as a waiter so he can help her with her “sexy technique” and be backup.


I about died watching Ki Tan’s sexy lessons.  Ki Tan can really throw out the girly vibes…… Sung Ae can not.  But it sure is funny seeing her try.

Sexy flirting fails

Sexy crying fails

The only thing Sung Ae seems to be successful at is threatening Ki Tan when nothing ends up working. Hahaha


Gun Woo & Soo Yeon

Paired up to spy on the late Senator’s wife, Soo Yeon and Gun Woo report back whenever she seems to find new evidence in which to attack Dodo Group.  Well, Gun Woo does.  Soo Yeon seems oblivious that she is part of an evil organization and truly believes that the evidence is false about the poisonous T9.


I would like to take a moment and discuss how annoying and stupid Choi Ji Hye is. She seems to have absolutely no filter when discussing super secret stuff in front of almost complete strangers.  It looks like all you have to do to gain Ji Hye‘s trust is feed a few invalids at the hospital and you are good as gold.



After hitting wall after wall in her attempts to get evidence against Dodo (thanks to the duo working against her) Ji Hye attempts to connect with the man who first leaked the information about T9’s effects.  The problem is that The Whistleblower is no longer blowing his whistle.  He is in prison and is forced to stay silent because of Dodo’s threats.  Whistleblower does attempt to tell the truth when he is not being monitered.  He fakes a seizure and calls Ji Hye from the prison’s hospital.  Before he can say anything Whistleblower is caught and taken away to be confined in a sanatorium.


Concerned that there might be truth to all of the allegations Soo Yeon decides to go to the sanatorium and get concrete proof.  Gun Woo follows but is conflicted since he wants to be loyal to his family and has aspirations to taking over the company himself.


To enter in the sanatorium they fake being lawyers for The Whistleblower.  Which is brilliant if you don’t give the bad guy your real name (glaring at you Soo Yeon).   Regardless of the shaky logic of their cover, they are admitted.

6.png As they confer with Whistleblower they find that he is indeed a scientist that created T9.  A  chemical which causes cancer to people using it.  He explains how he told everything to the late Senator and all the proof is hidden on the late Senator’s phone.  I am pretty sure they just lost Soo Yeon as a Dodo sheep.  Sadly, Gun Woo’s ethics are a lot shakier and I doubt this is going to tumble his ambition.  I am just praying that he doesn’t go too far out of the gray zone, that I can’t cheer for him in the future.


I guess it is a good thing that Soo Yeon gave her real name.  While she and Gun Woo are chatting at the sanatorium, the doctor is checking up on their credentials (which are bogus).  Ki Tan hears Soo Yeon’s name mentioned in Thug’s conversation (remember he has a live feed from thug’s office) and finds out she is in danger.  Ki Tan frantically calls Soo Yeon and yells at her to run.  Dun dun dun…..


My Thoughts:

I know that we need to go through the medical storyline to start taking down parts of Dodo Group.  I just wish we could do it without all the stupid medical stuff.  Sadly, we must suffer along with our leads as they wade through the truth.


At this point, I just want to jump ahead and get to where Gun Woo is acknowledged as the illegitimate son and Ki Tan regains all his money from his uncle.  These things should be happening soon right?  I don’t know how much more of stupid Choi Ji Hye I can take.


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