Monster Episode 12 – Progress

7.pngThere were only a few moments that really stood out in this episode.  In other words, lots of setting up for future plot.  This isn’t a bad thing since we want a strong foundation for future storylines, but it does make for a short recap.


Depressed & Drunk

To set up this scene we have to do a quick rundown on what happened in the sanitarium.  Upon finding out that their covers are blown Soo Yeon and Gun Woo take the Whistleblower and sneak out the window.  They successfully escape for about 10 minutes but are caught at a gas station. Whistleblower makes a run for it and is hit by a car and dies.  A car driven by Dodo Sanitarium minions.  To put it short and sweet, the hit and run was NOT an accident.

This, of course, is an ethical nightmare for Soo Yeon.  Especially after she realizes that the people who “hit’ Whistleblower were close with her bosses at Dodo.  Due to Soo Yeon’s situation with her brother’s hospital bills, she is not able to follow her conscious.  Instead, she goes to drink her woes away with Ki Tan.

Which is really sad for Soo Yeon but awesome for us since we get more OTP (One True Pairing) feelz.  ACK!  So cute.

Slush Fund Infiltrated

Sung Ae and Ki Tan are finally successful in luring Head Thug alone in his office.  Turns out that it is Sung Ae’s athletic abilities that finally catch his eye.  Also her ability to give a good massage.  They drug him with truth serum and get photos of all his slush fund books as well as the info for the swiss bank account that the money is hidden in.  Just as they are about to leave, Ki Tan receives a phone call from one of the other newbie trainees that his evil uncle is outside the thug club looking for Ki Tan.  Knowing that his secret thieving had been blown, Ki Tan drives his car straight to his Uncle’s house and fakes that he had been gathering the Intel for his Uncle all along.


Greedy Uncle totally buys into Ki Tan’s lies and Ki Tan is now officially one of Greedy Uncle’s underlings.


 Plot Progress

Thanks to some jealous wife antics, the news that CEO Dodo has an illegitimate son becomes common family knowledge.  It also changes CEO’s mind about searching his son out and he officially requests his butler to begin the hunt.


The Butler gives the job to Moon Tae Gwang who has a request of his own.  He asks The Butler (who is really 2nd in command to CEO) that he keeps him in the loop over the future inheritance issues of the family.  Regardless of which kid eventually inherits the company, Tae Gwang wants to be sure he is on that side before everything goes down so he will have connections.  It looks like things are finally starting to move in the right direction for Gun Woo’s big reveal.


My Thoughts:

Still enjoying and still anticipating what the current episodes are setting up.  Can’t wait for next week.

Til next time,


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