Squad 38 Episode 11 – Revenge at the Cost of Bromance?

b11.pngThere were so many big reveals during this episode.  Some I cheered and some I screamed “NO!”  Knowing my feelings about this drama’s bromance, I am sure you can guess where I was upset.  So join me as we find out what is going on and why our bromance is on the rocks.29.png

Random Observations From the Opening Scenes

Whenever this actor shows up on my TV screen, you know things are about to get crazy.


Introducing our new bad guy Mr. Choi.  I am also surprised to see that it looks like our Mayor is ranked above Mr. Bang when it comes to influence.  For some reason, I didn’t realize that til now.  I am also not completely sure how evil the Mayor really is.  Sure he seems to be somewhat crooked, but he also seems to be trying to protect Seung Il so he can’t be all bad.


Revenge is best served cold

We FINALLY find out why Jung Do is out for revenge (and no, he is not just doing a favor for the guy in prison, although it looks like their goals coincide.)  Turns out that his mother worked for a pyramid scheme company.

When she informed her husband the cop about the situation, he went to investigate with his partner who betrayed the police and narked to Mr. Bang.  Mr. Bang, in turn, framed Jung Do’s mother for being the mastermind of the pyramid scheme and sent her to jail.  He also framed Jung Do’s father for taking bribes and sent him to jail.  While attempting to get revenge, Jung Do was caught and faked dumb to Crooked Detective.  He also went to jail but was not thought to be any kind of threat.



Jung Do gets Crooked Detective imprisoned for fake bribery charges.  He takes all of Mr. Bang’s money which is the second step.  But it doesn’t stop at just taking the money.  Jung Do goes to confront Mr. Bang and says he will return the money if he receives a sincere apology.  Mr. Bang angrily grovels but Jung Do had no intention to return the money and declares that this is no fun.  Jung Do calls Loan Shark Madame and tells her to dump the money.

Yup, all 50 million dollars is poured from the rooftops onto the lucky commuters below.  A furious Mr. Bang looks up to Jung Do who only informs him that they had met before.  Back at his dad’s hearing.  Mr. Bang had come up behind him at the end and said, “Don’t be sad your parents went to jail, that’s how the world is.  You have to be like this to survive.”

Jung Do sneers down and says “Don’t be sad, that’s just how the world is.” and walks away from the broken man.


Cutting off the dead weight

The Mayor and our new  bad guy Chairman Choi decide that they need to protect themselves by sending all their exposed underlings to jail.  You have to love how you finally think you have reached the top tier of scum only to find one hanging out above pulling strings and owing even more in back taxes.

We can now officially say farewell to Mr. Bang and his offspring, Department Head Ahn, and a few other underlings that really are not important to the narrative. There was something so satisfying about watching them all get kicked in the figurative nards by karma.



But what about our bromance?

I am so devastated.  At this point, our bromance is broken into pieces and I don’t know how they are going to fix it. Please say that the writers are going to fix it.  I can’t live where these two are not friends.  Jung Do has sacrificed his relationships with his Con Team, Seung Il, and even his possible relationship with Seong Hee, for his revenge.  In his mind, he is alone with no support.


Sadly, it is not just our Con Bromance that is in danger of being ruined, but also Seung Il and his Cop Bestie.  WHAT?  You might be yelling.  Yup, our Cop Bestie was the secret guy behind the scenes helping Jung Do get things done.  Seung Il was actually targeted by Jung Do due to Cop Bestie’s suggestion.  He was also the one to push Seung Il in the direction needed to agree to the cons.  I wasn’t the only one blindsided right?


This was even a bigger shock than Jung Do’s betrayal.  Jung Do has only been in Seung Il’s life for a limited time.  Cop Bestie has been, well, his bestie for many years.  Turns out that Cop Bestie was partners with Jung Do’s father and Greedy Detective.  Which is why he was interested in helping Jung Do achieve his revenge.  Something that is understandable until you realize that he really screwed over Seung Il who is about to lose his job…..again….. and possibly be arrested for his conning actions.  Personally, I think that punching Cop Bestie only once was way too little compensation for such a giant betrayal.


What does the future hold?

If nothing else, we have learned to guess who the next bad guy to be conned is.  We don’t need Jung Do’s night time stalking of Mr. Choi to tell us where the revenge wind is blowing.  I look forward to seeing how he takes the giant down.  I also want to know what the story is behind his prison backing.  And most of all, I want our team back together again, reigning justice down on those that deserve some creative karma.


I look forward to watching episode 12 where I hope there will be a bright light at the end of our bromance tunnel.  Since we all know that the heart of this drama is our conning duo together.

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