Suspicious Partners Episode 39 & 40 (Final Thoughts)

.;a1a2s4a3We have finally reached the end of Suspicious Partner.  And while there were high  and low points in the plot, the writer has rewarded our patience with two final episodes of pure and total fluff.  Something I would usually be upset about, but with a cast that is the cutest fluffy cast ever, I will give it a pass and just enjoy the last hour of a relatively successful storyline.

Drama Geek is so excited that she finally got the episode with all the action and I got the filler.  I guess I was due, but it makes it hard to really say anything deep and thought provoking.  So we are going to just throw all deep thoughts out the window and do a post of total fluff and cute pictures.  Just be prepared for a heavy dose of pretty Ji Wook.  I think it is only fitting that we spend the end of our recapping singing praises to his glorious styling.


Before chatting about the best fluffy OTP (One True Pairing) in the history of fluffy OTPs I think we should first take a moment to finish off a few of our remaining story lines.  Sadly, all the bad guy stuff is concluded so that leaves us with 2nd lead relationships and the bromance and sismances.

Everyone that has read the recaps know that Eun Hyuk and Ex-girlfriend Lawyer have not always been my favorite end game relationship.  That said, I do think that their kiss scene was done beautifully and deserves to be mentioned.  So without further ado, here is some A+ skinship.


Now let us take a moment to reflect on what could have been.  I am talking about more scenes between our lawyer buddies and the three frenemy lawyers.  The drunken shenanigans of the three women was absolute perfection!


I could not stop laughing at the snarky friendship these three have created.  It was what I was hoping for in the first half of the drama and it never quite developed.  At least not until the last hour.  I, personally, would happily give up all the stupid your father murdered my father blah blah blah plot to get another couple hours of watching these three feisty ladies get drunk and sassy.


We also cannot forget the awesome bromance between the four men.  Each one has such a great sense of sarcasm and I could watch them banter for hours.  Especially if it is about how silly Ji Wook’s relationship skills are.  Pure comedic gold.


Now that we have all the other stuff taken care of, let’s end our recap with what is truly the focus of this drama.  Namely, the love between Ji Wook and Bong Hee.  A love that has been alternately sweet and infuriating depending on where we were with the stupid father story line.  Thankfully, the whole last hour was full of cute moments too make up for all the stupid angst.


We got to enjoy watching them doing everyday couple stuff like dating, chatting on the phone til the wee hours, and greeting each other as they go about their day.


There was no angst and after the last few weeks, this is just what I needed.  Bong Hee and Ji Wook are not a couple of fiery tempers and passionate make ups.  Instead we have a steady stream of every day issues that all couples face.  A fact that I appreciated since this OTP has been like a warm comfortable sweater that just makes me feel happy.  Seeing them have a happy life is exactly what I want and I got that in spades.


And as we all know every perfect romance needs the perfect romantic ending (i.e. a proposal).  I might have squealed at how happy I was to see them make this a happily ever after finale.  They even had our OTP walk into the sunset (or beautifully darkened park side-walk as the case may be) and it could not have been more scenic.  A perfect ending for a sweet show.


Final Thoughts…

I am shocked at how two solid episodes at the end can change my mind about a drama.  I was ready to write off Suspicious Partner as another drama that was strong in the beginning and fell apart.  However, the twists with the bad guy and the sweet ending really had me finishing on a high note.


I am still totally pissed off that this show added the whole stupid father vs father story line.  It would have been perfect without it.  However, I think that for those binge watching, the issues I had won’t be as extreme.  It is amazing how easy it is to gloss over those types of plot failures when you can just start the next episode and have everything resolved.  I give this drama a solid 7.5/10.  Definitely worth watching for the OTP and good bad guy twists at the end, but nothing you have to watch ASAP.

Thanks for joining  us through yet another recap project.  We look forward to sharing our drama thoughts in the future and hope you will check back for our next recap projects.

Until then, this is Kmuse and Drama Geek signing off.

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