Do You Like Brahms? Episode 3 Recap

Our OTP continues to grow closer despite all of the drama happening around them. How can such a sweet couple have so many problem people in their friend orbit? Let’s find out as we chat episode 3.

Our OTP are truly two old souls who understand the importance of personal time to reflect and ponder life. Unlike I previously thought, Joon Young is connected to the Cultural Foundation because he has agreed to play in a concert at the end of the year. He also uses the resources for practicing and staying on top of his music. What he is currently doing is taking a sabbatical and getting some me-time. He spends his mornings at the book store and the afternoons at the historical palace grounds. He says he enjoys being there because nothing changes.

Joon Young also opens up about his life doing professional piano competitions. You see a younger version of Joon Young going overseas to compete. He recounts how at the beginning of the competitions the hotels they stayed in would be filled with the sound of piano practices (everyone had their own piano in their room.) But as time went on and more people were defeated, there was less and less noise until he was left alone at the top in silence. Am I the only one that felt he was talking about the isolation of his life at being at the top and not just a cute antidote.

We also see a ton of annoying scenes where people are saying Joon Young is a has-been and second-best behind another prominent prodigy. All of this has-been talk is obviously stressing Joon Young, but he hides it behind a mask of indifference. It is especially telling that despite the supposed rivalry, when his competition performs locally, Joon Young is there smiling in support. He even goes up, and the two men have a bro-hug. Obviously the hate is all in people’s imaginations.

Sadly, the episode can’t be all cute leads doing cute awkward meetups. We have those pesky love triangles lurking in the background. And we have our first love triangle explosion between Sung Ah and her besties. Sung Ah calls both of them up to go to a concert with her , but her calls go unanswered (Uh oh. That is never a good sign.) Thinking that she would talk to Dong Yoon after the concert, she and Joon Young’s trio head to the cafe under his studio. Joon Young overhears Dong Yoon and Sung Ah’s best friend talking about how they had sex. Dong Yoon tells Best Friend to keep this information from Sung Ah and sends her on her way. Joon Young heads Sung Ah off when she almost interrupts her friends and says that Dong Yoon is busy with a client. He is so sweet, trying to keep Sung Ah from being upset.

Unfortunately, the truth comes out when Best Friend tearfully confesses to Sung Ah about their dalliance. Unaware of Sung Ah’s crush on the teacher, Best Friend tells her how devastated she was when Dong Yoon said he was embarrassed that he had ever dated her…or hooked up with her again recently. It is heart-wrenching watching Sung Ah try to comfort her best friend while trying to come to terms with how her crush treated the other woman.

Things start to break apart with the Classical Music Trio as well. While Joon Young hides his feelings and continues to treat his friends as normal as possible, Ji Hyun’s lies are coming out. Hyun-Ho discovers that his besties had lied to him about Ji Hyun going to Joon Young’s American concert. You can see the wheels begin to turn in his head as he tries to figure out why both of them would lie about something so innocent.

And while we are discussing Ji Hyun, can we take a moment to talk about how annoying she is? I’m not sure if it is the actress or the director, but this girl is unable to emote. We are ALWAYS stuck with a slight expression of annoyed disdain. It’s starting to make me wonder if Ji Hyun actually has feelings about anything at this point.

We finish the episode with Sung Ah realizing that Joon Young had tried to keep her from learning about her friends. She tells him that she would rather be hurt by the truth than being pitied, and she doesn’t know why. Joon Young is at the piano and begins playing Moonlight Sonata (one of Sung Ah’s favorite songs.) Sung Ah begs him to stop playing since this is not a memory she wants to ruin a song she loves. Joon Young continues to play as Sung Ah begins to cry but then seamlessly transitions to playing happy birthday. Joon Young was letting her know he supported her in the only way he knew how. He is a man who tries to express through music before he uses his words. Joon Young rises from the bench and takes Sung Ah into his arms. Declaring that they now needed to be friends because he has to be able to comfort her right now. Needless to say, I was swooning during this scene. Ji Hyun listens outside the practice room, her cranky scowl firmly in place.

My Thoughts:

Watching Sung Ah and Joon Young orbit each other is fascinating. The show brings them “accidentally” together over and over, and it never gets old or stale. They truly do feel like two halves of the whole, and the universe is pulling them together because they are perfectly matched. Can’t wait to see what happens next episode as their “friendship” deepens.

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  1. I know this drama is supposed to be a calm and relaxing watch but one episode in I found myself feeling frustrated with the female lead who lacks self-confidence and assertiveness. I got so mad when she let people push her around and disrespect her and then just let it all go. I was like that when I was 21. Now at 29, the same age as this character, I have grown and I refuse to take shit from others. Maybe I need the show to give me an explanation as to why the current Song-ah carries herself like a 21-year-old despite the supposed hardship she has faced. Has she learned nothing from those experiences? Her character does not make sense to me!

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