Drama Teasers of the Week

August is looking HOT HOT HOT. Come check out the dramas starting soon on a screen near you!

Police University

August 9th, KOCOWA

Shenanigans at the police university start TOMORROW! Will you be watching?

Check Out the Event

August 14, Kocowa

We now have a streaming site for Check Out the Event–KOCOWA! Sparks fly when a love triangle forms between former lovers Ha Song Yi (Bang Min Ah, Beautiful Gong Shim) and Park Do Gyeom (Kwon Hwa Woon, Mouse), who pose as a couple to claim a free trip, and their trip guide, Seo Ji Kang (An Woo Yeon, Scripting Your Destiny), who finds himself attracted to Song Yi.


August 27, Netflix

My Twitter feed is all abuzz about this 6-episode Netflix drama. Ahn Jun Ho (Jung Hae In) fulfilled his military service like any other guy in Korea. When he ends up on the military defector arrest team, he must grapple with the troubling circumstances surrounding soldiers who decide to go AWOL (absent without leave).

Red Sky

August 30, Viki

There’s a new trailer for the Joseon romance between blind Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo Seop) and genius painter Hong Chun Gi (Kim Yoo Jung)! Come see if this historical drama will catch your interest:

Let us know which trailers caught your eye, drama fans!

The Fangirls

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